Writing Groups

Whether you’re working on your dissertation, proposal, a journal article, or an assignment for class, writing groups are a great way to set aside devoted time to make progress towards your goals!


The Graduate Writing Center organizes writing groups each semester for graduate students of all disciplines.

Signing up for Writing Group(s)


You are encouraged to join as many writing groups as you think you need. Find what fits your schedule and writing demands. If you are interested in the Graduate Writing Center’s groups, please be on the lookout for an email from the Graduate School for a sign-up email!

During Writing Group


Writing groups meet for 2.5 hours each in groups of 4-6. Meetings involve sharing goals, accountability, and a shared silent writing session. Groups are made the beginning of each semester. Email  anna_beaudry1@baylor.edu for more information.


Other resources


Other Writing Groups

Graduate Writing Center

Just Write Workshops

Writing Support Groups

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