Finding a Gym

While you do have access to all of the gym facilities inside of the McLane Student Life Center, you may be interested in other options.  In fact, several of your fellow grad students do use other gyms to pursue a variety of fitness interests.  Click below to learn more about some available options.

McLane Student Life Center (SLC)

The McLane Student Life Center (SLC) is a 156,000 square foot recreation center for Baylor students, faculty, and staff. The SLC includes a fitness center, a climbing ROCK, leisure pool, outdoor basketball & sand volleyball courts, 4-court gymnasium, conference rooms, racquetball/squash courts, indoor jogging track, aerobics studio and student lounge.

Hours of operation may vary.  Click below to view the SLC’s monthly hours of operation.

Underground Performance

Underground Performance is a gym that offers great resources for Powerlifting, Strongman, and Bodybuilding with limited cardio equipment. Cost is about $40 per month with 24/7/365 access using a key card. It is affordable and full of people who know what they’re doing. Everyone at that gym will help you no matter what.  It is full of amazing equipment that you can’t find anywhere else in Waco and it never closes, so it will suit your needs no matter the time of day.

Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness is a general bang-for-your-buck gym. It has some weightlifting, lots of cardio equipment, a circuit room, and classes taught by a trainer.  Cost is $10 per month for basic access to your home gym; or $20 per month for basic plus unlimited guests, passes at other PF locations, massage chair/table, sauna, and tanning. It’s affordable and gets you a gym that’s open 24/7/365. It’s pretty much a do-your-own-thing at a very mid-range level (i.e. no intense cardio folk, no major lifting exercises). It’s a solid gym for the average folk.  Plus you’re less likely to run into undergrads there.