First weeks at Baylor

Obtaining Building Keys and Card Access

In order to access your lab and teaching spaces, you will need to acquire either card access or physical keys.  For card access, follow the link below for the BSB’s instructions on how to electronically fill out the form and submit it.  For key requests, follow the other link to the key request form and submit it to Sandy Tighe in the Biology Department office.

Preparing to Teach

Since teaching is a big part of life as a graduate student, Baylor offers several resources for teaching skill development.

Adjusting to Grad School

The Baylor Graduate School offers workshops for helping students adjust to graduate school and make the most of their STEM education.  These include STEM workshops and Life on the Grad Line.



For more information on the ins and outs of life in Waco and insider tips for navigating the Biology Department, make sure to read our fully comprehensive CEGSS Handbook.