finances and reimbursements

We get it: grad school can be expensive and requires a lot of budgeting skills. Luckily, there are a few places to find some extra funds, secure money for conferences, and set yourself up for a more financially secure semester.

Check Out the Smith Fellowship

This fellowship is merit and need-based, to be awarded this scholarship you must submit a current FAFSA with the Financial Aid Office to confirm eligibility. Reimbursement for this support will be credited to your student account per policy of the Financial Aid Office.

The FAFSA can be filled out at any time before submitting the Smith Fellowship appplication, which is turned in to the Graduate Program Coordinator. Check out the page for more info and document downloads.

Traveling for a Conference

Sometimes PI’s can’t afford to send you to a conference, or they can’t cover the whole cost. Fortunately, Baylor has a few options to help reduce the financial burden of furthering our careers and networking. The Graduate School supports two $400 stipends for conferences, matched by your department, that are available each calendar year. There is also a one-time $400 stipend that can be used for any research-related travel (think: visiting a collaborator, taking a class at another university, etc).

There are a few policies to be aware of, and some pre/post procedures that can make or break successful reimbursement — so be sure to read those over.

You can find all forms and documents at the linked page.

Make Some Extra Cash

With incidents of cheating rising at alarming rates, professors have been looking for ways to crack down. Their solution? Enlist the help of another few sets of eyes and record the exams. This is where you come in.

As a proctor, you will help professors set up, monitor for “wandering eyes”, and collect exams. As part of this process, you could be responsible for ensuring that video recorders are capturing the whole room and, especially, any suspicious activity. Because we know that you are very busy with teaching, classes, and research, we want to fairly compensate you for your time and efforts. Graduate student proctors will be paid $28.80 per hour and payment will be monthly.