Past Leadership

Since its inception, CEGSS has been privileged with many exceptional leaders.  Here all of the leaders from years past.


Everest Castaneda (2021-Present)
Ashlynn Boedecker (2020-2021)
Will Matthaeus (2019-2020)
Felicia Osburn (2018-2019)

Vice President

Haleigh Svatek (2021-Present)
Aadil Sheikh (2020-2021)
Kelsey Johnson (2019-2020)
Keighley Reisenauer (2018-2019)


Felicia Osburn (2020-Present)
Heidi Pullmann (2019-2020)
Keighley Reisenauer (2018-2019)


Abigail Henke (2021-Present)
Everest Castaneda (2020-2021)
Patrick Charapata (2019-2020)
Dani Crain (2018-2019)

Social Chair

Isabelle Andersen (2021-Present)
Ankan Choudhury (2020-2021)
Brooke Morris (2018-2020)

Media Coordinator

Ashlynn Boedecker (2021-Present)
Grace Pruett (2018-2021)

Community Outreach Coordinator

Jasmine Stovall (2021-Present)
Abigail Henke (2020-2021)
Sunshyne Hendrix (2019-2020)
Brittany Perrota (2018-2019)

Speaker Coordinator

Currently Unfilled
Brittany Perrota (2019-2020)

Workshop Coordinator

Andrew Ring (2021-Present)
Kaitlin Murtha (2019-2020)
Tori Neises (2018-2019)


Aadil Sheikh (2019-Present)

Biology symposium committee

Ashlynn Boedecker, Jasmine Stovall, Abigail Henke (2021-Present)

Recruitment committee

Isabelle Andersen, Liz Waymire    (2021-Present)
Bryan King, Isabelle Andersen       (2020-2021)


Baylor Symposium Director

                             (Retired Position)

Felicia Osburn (2019-2020)
Will Matthaeus (2018-2019)

Recruitment Chair

(Retired Position)

Bryan King (2019-2020)

Faculty Sponsor

Joseph White (2020-Present)
Jason Pitts (2018-2020)

Founding Leadership

Established in 2018, CEGSS owes much to its Founders and Founding Leadership.


Felicia Osburn
Dani Crain

Founding Leadership

Felicia Osburn
Keighley Reisenauer
Dani Crain
Brooke Morris
Grace Pruett
Brittany Perrota
Tori Neises
Will Matthaeus