Before Starting grad school

Complete the Graduate School’s Checklist

Make sure to view and complete everything on the Baylor Graduate School Checklist.  This includes activating your BearID and email, filling out health and work paperwork, sending final transcripts, etc.

Join Baylor Free and For Sale on Facebook

Once you have your Baylor email set-up, we recommend connecting it to your Facebook account so you can join the Baylor Free and For Sale group.  Baylor students use this open group to sell and find a variety of things.  You can find furniture, textbooks, clothing, etc. for very low prices or even sometimes for free.  Students also use this page to find subleases and roommates.

Find a Home

One of the first steps in your journey to Waco is figuring out where you will be living once you get here.  The cost of living in Waco is low so you have plenty of housing opportunities depending on what you want.  Thankfully, we have plenty of grad students with experience finding a place in both rental and housing markets.

Find Furniture

If you are interested in an unfurnished apartment or house and do not want to bring a lot of furniture with you, Waco has several free and decently priced furniture options.  Baylor Free and For Sale on Facebook is a great place to start, but we have included a few other options.



For more information on the ins and outs of life in Waco and insider tips for navigating the Biology Department, make sure to read our fully comprehensive CEGSS Handbook.