The mission of the Baylor Libraries’ Digital Scholarship Program is to integrate digital research tools and techniques into campus research and curricula.

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 Text Mining/Analysis Data Visualization Geospatial Analysis
Parse and structure words and phrases within texts in order to identify patterns, trends, topics, similarities, and more. Represent data in a symbolic visual environment in order to help explore and understand datasets (interactive visualization) or to convey a story or point of view (infographic). Use Geographic Information Systems (GIS) tools to question, analyze, and interpret spatial (location-based) and non-spatial (tabular) data to understand relationships, patterns, and trends.
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  • Social Media Mining for Marketing & Advertising
    The workshop this afternoon on mining and analyzing social media content from Twitter and Facebook was fantastic! Mining Twitter content, we calculated consumer sentiment, created pie charts, word clouds by sentiment, and LSI topic modelling by sentiment. (Ouch, apologies for the adult words that snuck into the negative sentiment tweets!) Mining Facebook, we calculated conversation,…
  • PAD Emotional State Model Applied to Scholarly Literature
    To help commemorate Martin Luther King, Jr. 50, as well as Black History Month, we are holding a hands-on digital scholarship workshop tomorrow (Tuesday, 02/20/18). The experimental nature of this workshop is to implement the PAD emotional state model, comprised of Pleasure (Valence), Arousal, and Dominance. Workshop Title: Using JSTOR for Digital Humanities: The Baptist…
  • Story: International Church Ministry & Digital Scholarship
    This is a fantastic story and I am happy to be able to share it here. This story demonstrates the role of libraries as facilitator and the amazing results that students can achieve through hard work and…
  • Visualizations from the Baylor Religion Survey Wave V
    Project Title: Visualizations from the Baylor Religion Survey Wave V   Description: This exploratory visualization is designed to compare relationships between any two variables from the Baylor Religion Survey. (At the moment, the only available questions are single multiple-choice questions and not multi-question grids.) Instructions: There…
  • Google Charts
    Google Charts provides free and open JavaScript classes that *very greatly* ease the use of D3 for a wide range of visualization types. There are currently 29 types of visualizations available at the time of this post. There is in-depth documentation for each visualization type and many of the…