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“Mapping the Geographic Attention of Waco-Area Residents from 1916-1918”

Presentation as part of the Texas Map Society Spring 2021 Meeting

To understand which parts of the world attracted the attention of Waco-area residents leading up to the U.S. involvement in WWI, this research examines the frequency of geographic locations mentioned in local newspapers from 1916-1918. Textual analysis was used to mine geographic locations from the Historic Waco Newspapers Collection held by Baylor University’s Texas Collection. The result is an interactive map allowing researchers to view the change in the geographic attention as the U.S. enters the conflict in 1917. This presentation will showcase the resulting interactive map as well as walk through the textual analysis techniques applied.

Special thank you to Amie Oliver and Rachel DeShong for helping to devise this research topic with me, and to Darryl Stuhr for extracting the newspaper content out of Baylor Library’s Quartex instance.



Mapping the Attention of Waco-Area Residents From 1916-1918

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