Steps for Mac Users Using NodeXL:

These steps will install NodeXL on your instance of the Virtual Desktop (VDI) – You only need to follow these steps once

  1. You will need permission to access the virtual desktop. If you have not yet done so, make sure to send an email to from your Baylor email requesting “access to the Virtual Desktop on Microsoft Azure with Power BI and NVivo.
  2. Register for NodeXL Basic (free version) here: This will result in the installation file emailed to them.
  3. Log onto virtual desktop on Microsoft Azure here:
  4. Use the Microsoft Edge browser in the virtual desktop to log into their email. If they used their Baylor email address, they can access their email at
  5. Download and install the NodeXL installation file in the virtual desktop. The installation does not require administrative rights, so everyone should be able to install NodeXL.
  6. Click the Start button in the virtual desktop and search for: nodexl. You should click NodeXL Excel Template to launch NodeXL. Even after logging out of the virtual desktop, the next time you log in they can click the Start button and launch NodeXL.


Accessing NodeXL on Microsoft Azure for Mac Users

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