This Spring semester (2023), the Baylor University Libraries are offering a Social Science Data Workshop Series. These workshops will be hybrid, so join us either in-person or via Zoom!

    • Survey Design with Qualtrics
      • Monday, March 1, 10am
      • This hands-on introduction to survey design and Qualtrics will cover how to best create and design a survey utilizing the program Qualtrics.
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    • Qualitative Data Analysis with NVivo
      • Monday, March 20, 10am
      • This hands-on introduction to NVivo will cover working with a variety of source materials (flat documents, surveys results, interview transcripts, and social media).
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    • Quantitative (Numeric) Data Analysis with SPSS
      • Thursday, March 30, 10am
      • This hands-on workshop will introduce you to the statistical program SPSS, discuss and show you the various features of SPSS, walk you through navigating the interface of SPSS as well as how to run simple data analyses in SPSS and create graphs and visuals of your analyses.
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    Social Science Data Workshop Series

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