(1) Take Workshops, (2) Pass Quizzes, (3) Become a Data Scholar

What is the Data Scholar Program?
The Baylor University Library’s Data Scholar Program is a collection of self-paced data & digital scholarship video modules designed specifically to meet the needs of the Baylor research community. Modules are offered in the following 5 categories: (1) Data Visualization, (2) Qualitative Data Analysis/Test Data Mining, (3) Data Scripting, (4) Research Data Management, and (5) Finding Secondary Data.
The modules are included in a self-enrolling Canvas course. Sign up on Canvas Here

Badges and Certificate
If two modules in a single category are passed, the researcher is issued a digital badge in this category. See Available Badges Here. A full Data Scholar Certificate (non-transcript) is issued to researchers who complete 3 digital badges, one of which must be Research Data Management or Finding Secondary Data.


Interested in becoming a Data Scholar?

Takes only six workshops!

Pick any Two Categories Below, Take at Least Two Workshops from Each of Those Categories: 

  • Data Visualization
  • Text Data Mining
  • Python Data Scripting
Pick any One Category Below, Take at Least Two Workshops from That Category:

  • Research Data Management
  • Finding Secondary Data

* Workshops are offered every semester. No need to fit all 6 in one semester. Become a Data Scholar at your own pace.
* Becoming a Data Scholar is not mandatory. Take any workshop you like.

Faculty can Assign Data Scholar Modules in Classes
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Directory of Workshop Modules
Use the following tool to browse modules, descriptions, and learning outcomes. Sign up on Canvas Here