The mission of the Baylor Libraries’ Digital Scholarship Program is to integrate digital research tools and techniques into campus research and curricula.


 Text Mining/Analysis Data Visualization Geospatial Analysis
Parse and structure words and phrases within texts in order to identify patterns, trends, topics, similarities, and more. Represent data in a symbolic visual environment in order to help explore and understand datasets (interactive visualization) or to convey a story or point of view (infographic). Use Geographic Information Systems (GIS) tools to question, analyze, and interpret spatial (location-based) and non-spatial (tabular) data to understand relationships, patterns, and trends.
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  • Lawrence Anthony's Ant Software
    Click to navigate to the Ant Software Collection Download Page This collection of freeware applications enables researchers to easily create, mine, and analyze a corpus. Most especially the linguistic functionalities, including parts of speech tagging, vocabulary level/complexity of speech analyzer, and spelling variation tools are phenomenal. Please take a look at these resources if you…
  • NodeXL
    Click to navigate to the NodeXL download page. NodeXL is a third-party Microsoft Excel extension providing intuitive tools to easily and quickly create network visualizations. The ease with which NodeXL can create networks makes this Excel extension the primary tool for creating networks, after which these networks can be imported into Tableau for interactive visualizations…
  • Construction of the Baylor Campus by Baylor President
    Project Title: Construction of the Baylor Campus by Baylor President Click Image to Navigate to Interactive Visualization Animated GIF: Non-interactive animated sequence of of campus building construction completions with inserted slides for reference points. Click Slide to Navigate to Animated GIF Description: Timeline of construction completions on the Baylor University campus by Baylor President. This…