Example Wordcloud
Example Wordcloud

NCapture Twitter Word Frequencies

Access Jupyter Notebook on Google Colab here: https://colab.research.google.com/drive/1a-U8Bx1KvPrLaLNkM3eMJyJQ7183IchE?usp=sharing

Problem: NVivo sets all NCapture record columns from Twitter as Classifying and only the Tweet itself as Codable. For researchers wanting word frequencies and wordclouds from a different field, such as the hashtags, the optimal method is to (1) import into NVivo, (2) export as Excel, (3) re-import to NVivo using the Survey import tool, where other fields can be set as Open and therefore Codable.

Solution: This Jupyter Notebook tool parses NCapture files and generates a wordcloud and structured frequency table, including word lemmas, parts of speech tags, and named entities.

Non-Default Libraries Used

Jupyter Notebook: NCapture Twitter Word Frequencies

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