On-Campus Resource: Prehealth Studies Office


With approximately 1/3 of Baylor freshmen entering as “pre-med” each year, it makes sense that our campus would want to provide information and guidance to help these students be successful.  Going beyond pre-medicine, the Prehealth Studies Office also serves students on the following pre-professional tracks:

  • Predentistry
  • Preoccupational Therapy
  • Preoptometry
  • Prepharmacy
  • Prephysician Assistant
  • Prephysical Therapy
  • Preveterinary Medicine

Keep in mind that these tracks are not academic majors.  Rather, they are tracks that a student can elect to pursue, in preparation for applying to professional schools.  The application process is complex, which is why students should take advantage of the wisdom of the advisors in the Prehealth Studies Office.

If you are on one of these tracks, or even considering it, visit the Prehealth Studies website or meet with an advisor one-on-one to discuss how a prehealth track could fit into your academic plan.

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