Tips for Successful Pre-Med Shadowing

Photo courtesy of Adrian Clark via Flickr
Photo courtesy of Adrian Clark via Flickr

If you are a pre-med student, you have probably already heard about the significance of job shadowing.  Yes, this will improve the likelihood of being accepted by a medical school.  More importantly, this may be your best opportunity to evaluate the pros and cons of a medical career, allowing you to make a more informed decision about your future.  If you are unsure about where to begin, check out the following articles for advice on how to arrange job shadowing and how to identify opportunities that will be most beneficial to you.

How Do I…Shadow a Doctor? (Association of American Medical Colleges)

5 Ways for Premed Students to Maximize Physician Shadowing (U.S. News & World Report)

What to Expect on a Pre-Med Job Shadow (

4 Weeks to Building a Network: Step 3

Image courtesy of Detanan at
Image courtesy of Detanan at

Today, we continue with step 3 in a series on networking that Cassie Thompson, a practicum student in Career and Professional Development, is sharing with us.  Please find step 1 here and step 2 here.  Thanks so much for sharing your insights with us, Cassie.

Okay, by now you have lunches and coffee dates set. So what in the world will you talk about?

When you meet with each person, tell them again what types of job you are interested in and ask them for advice. A number of things could happen. They may have names of others working in the industry to refer you to. They may know of an open position that is not yet on their company’s website. Or they may tell you about their day-to-day work and you realize that isn’t a job you would be interested in!

Also, it is pretty likely that they will ask you questions about what you want to do. Tell the truth! If you aren’t sure, say you are still exploring, but this industry is very appealing to you. If you know, share why you want to work in that field or for that company. By being open about what you want, it will help guide their advice to be more specific to your needs and challenges.

As you meet with each of these ten people, you will gain new information to help solidify what paths you want to keep walking down and which ones to stop and turn around! Hopefully you will begin some great relationships to help you for your future.

HireABear Career Fair Tomorrow

career fair students interacting with employeers. 09/25/2007It’s never too early to start thinking about your career.  Whether you are still trying to choose a major or you plan to graduate this semester, there are many benefits to attending a career fair.  Here are just a few:

1) Discover occupations you had not considered.

2) Learn what employers are looking for in a candidate.

3) Network with professionals in your chosen career field.

4) Get hired for a job or internship!

The HireABear Career Fair will take place tomorrow from 12:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. at the Waco Convention Center.  Click here for all the details, including a list of employers who plan to attend.  Don’t forget to wear professional attire and bring copies of your resume.  We wish you the best.

4 Weeks to Building a Network: Step 2

networking step 2
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Today, we continue with step 2 in a series on networking that Cassie Thompson, a practicum student in Career and Professional Development, is sharing with us.  Please find step 1 here.  Thanks so much for sharing your insights with us, Cassie.

Okay, you’ve made your list and selected your ten people. Now what to do with that list?

One by one, ask them if you can take them to coffee or lunch. Let them know you are doing some information gathering as you look for a future career, and that you are interested in their industry or type of position and would like to ask them some questions, and would they be willing to meet. Depending on where you are in school, you can take your time with this, or maybe go a little more rapidly. If it is spring semester of your senior year, I would try and book coffees and lunches all spring break!

I need to mention that you will be paying for these coffees and lunches. At least, you will offer to pay. Some people will end up paying for you or splitting, but you must always offer. Yes, I know you are in college and cash may be tight, but consider this an investment in your future. As these people are willing to give up their time to talk with you, it is only right to show your gratitude by offering to pay!

Now here is where most people go, “But my roommate’s dad has met me once and he won’t remember me!” or “Why would my sister’s best friend want to help me?” There are a couple of reasons why they will want to help you. First, people love to talk about themselves. Seriously, don’t you love to talk about yourself? People like helping others and giving advice, so they will most likely want to help you out.

Second, many companies now have referral programs for new hires. This means that if you meet with your roommate’s dad and he knows there is an entry-level position open at his company that you’d be perfect for, he can refer you and get a bonus. It is in his best interest to meet with you. Lastly, the worst that can happen is the person says no. This is one door that has closed, but that’s why you have nine more! But until you ask, you will never know what path will be the one that leads to employment.

So time to start making some phone calls and writing some emails. Check back next week to see what to talk about over coffee!

What Can I Do with My Major? Find Out on LinkedIn

It’s a common question around our office–“What can I do with a major in ______?”  There are many methods for exploring career possibilities with a major.  One particularly interesting way to answer this question is to use LinkedIn.

Start by clicking the “Connections” link at the top of your LinkedIn home page, then select “Find Alumni.”  From here, you can discover top cities, employers, and industries of Baylor alumni with LinkedIn profiles.  You can also do a keyword search to find individuals who earned degrees with your same major or others that you are considering.  Not only can this open your eyes to new possibilities, but reviewing LinkedIn profiles can help you to see the pathways taken to different occupations.

Here are examples of occupations of Baylor alumni that I found:

Psychology Majors– Career Counselor, Psychologist, Management Consultant, University Professor, Research Assistant, Academic Advisor

Biology Majors– Orthodontist, Biology Teacher, Environmental Scientist, Museum Director, Editor, Financial Services Representative

History Majors– Archivist, Public Relations Specialist, Marketing Director, Curator, Librarian, Military Officer

Are you new to LinkedIn?  Click here for  video tutorials on how to set up a profile and how to add connections.  Click here for LinkedIn information specific to college students.

How to Career Explore and Network at the Same Time: Step 1

Announcement:  The walk-in hours for resume reviews have been updated recently.  Please click here for the most current schedule.  Thanks!

Today, Cassie Thompson, a practicum student in Career and Professional Development, is sharing step 1 of a 4-part series on networking.  Thanks so much for sharing your insights with us, Cassie.networking step 1

There is plenty of research that shows that most people get a job through some sort of connection in their network. Maybe that idea depresses you, because you think you don’t know anyone in the industry you are looking at. Or maybe you feel you don’t have a network. Or maybe you’ve heard that everyone in your contacts is your network, and that can feel overwhelming. Or maybe you just have no clue what you want to do! So where to begin?

Over the next few weeks, I will give a step in the process to both exploring a career and building a network. Some of these steps will feel really easy to do, and some a little more challenging-Hence why they are paced out. So step one…

Start with 10 people. Only ten. Choose ten people who either have a career you are interested in or work in an industry that interests you. These people can be your aunt, a professor, maybe a roommate’s dad or cousin, or your sister’s best friend. Basically, anyone you know that is working in something even remotely close to where you want to work is a good place to start. Create a list or spreadsheet with everyone’s names, jobs, and contact info.

Do not worry at this point about how well you know these people or fear whether they will help you. We’ll get to that part later. For now, just come up with ten names.

If you think of more than ten-great! Write them all on the list or spreadsheet, but for the purposes of not being overwhelmed, pick 10 people from that list to begin with. Maybe they’re the ones you know best or maybe they are the ones who have jobs closest to what you hope to do in the future, it doesn’t really matter, as long as you pick ten.

That is all for this week. Next week we will discuss what to do with the list!

STEM Career Fair This Week

Career Fair 2Science.  Technology.  Engineering.  Mathematics.  These career fields contain some of the fastest growing and highest paying occupations in the country.  This week, Baylor students have the opportunity to meet with employers in these fields to discuss internship and full-time job opportunities.  Stop by the 5th Floor of Cashion from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m this Thursday.  Make sure to dress professionally, bring copies of your resume, and research companies before you attend.

Don’t forget that CPD has walk-in hours available for resume reviews.  Let us help you put your best foot forward.

Walk-in Services

At Career and Professional Development we have two resources for you to take advantage of that don’t require an appointment:resume review

Need someone to help you with your resume to make sure it is job application and interview ready?  Bring your resume with you to Sid Rich 132 for our resume review walk-in hours.  Click here to view our resume hours for the fall semester.

 Career Exploration

Have a quick question about career exploration?  Confused about which resource will help you the most?  Stop by Sid Rich 132 for our career exploration walk-in hours for answers to your quick questions as well as referrals to specific resources.  Our walk-in hours for the fall semester are:

Monday – Thursday: 4 – 5 pm

Once you arrive at Sid Rich 132, please follow the instructions at the computer kiosk to check-in and someone will be with you shortly.  We look forward to helping you!

Kick-Off Your Career Event Today

Athletics Ð Football vs West Virginia (WVU) Ð Floyd Casey Stadium Ð 10/05/2013Start the school year off right!  Join the staff of Career and Professional Development on Fountain Mall today for our Kick-Off Your Career event.  From 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., enjoy free hot dogs, tailgate-style games, a photo op with Bruiser the Bear, and a chance to win a football autographed by Art Briles!  This is our way of saying “Welcome Back” and reminding you of all of the services that we offer to help you reach your career goals.  Sic ’em!