Careers in Management

Do you naturally gravitate toward leadership roles?  Managers are found in every industry, and if you foresee yourself wanting to work in such a position, here are some places to learn more about your options:

Management Occupations (Occupational Outlook Handbook)

Management Occupations (O*NET OnLine)

Baylor University Department of Management and Entrepreneurship

“Give Me the Bright Lights”

Have you ever thought it would be fun to plan major events like concerts or release parties?  If so, you may be interested in exploring the Brand Engagement and Promotion [BEaP] track in the Business School’s Marketing department.  Part of this track works directly with Uproar Records to promote artists and plan concerts.  Even if you are interested in planning other types of events, this pathway would give you some great hands on experience in the event planning process and may lead to valuable networking opportunities.  Please visit: for more details about this exciting program and other career pathways it can provide.

Articles of Note: Helpful Job/Internship Search Tools!!

Today, we are linking up with three articles found this week that we hope will help with your job and internship search process.  Now that Spring Break is behind us, finding what you will do after you walk across the stage if you are graduating and waht you are doing this summer if you have some more time at Baylor may be more at the front of your mind.  Here are this week’s articles:

This first articles provides an awesome overview of how to plan out your job search strategy in an organized way.  The author shares her personal experience and systems that worked for her.

We have recruiters on Baylor’s campus throughout the year, meeting and interviewing with students.  The article offers an on-campus recruiter’s perspective on how best to shine and it doesn’t start your senior year.  She definitely advocates networking with campus reps early in your college career.

This week’s third article navigates the sometimes unknown world of informational interviews and how best to navigate LinkedIn to discover people you can network with in your field of interest.  Informational interviews are very useful in the career exploration process as well to help you determine what paths might be best fits with your interests, personality, skills, and values.

If you would like to visit with someone further about job/internship search strategies, on-campus recruiting at Baylor or informational interviewing strategies, please stop by the Career and Professional Development office in the west wing of Sid Richardson.  We’d love to help you find that place that is right for you!

Ministry Guidance Program

Seeking wise counsel is a critical component of exploring a call to vocational ministry.  The Ministry Guidance Program at Baylor has several resources to help you learn more about yourself and the prospect of working in Christian ministry.  Visit the program’s website to learn more about the different aspects of the program, and when you visit, make sure to follow the links on the left sidebar to get more detailed information.

In Their Own Words

We hope you all enjoyed your Spring Break and are returning to classes well rested and ready to take on the rest of the semester.  Today, we hope to encourage you with another alumni success story from Pat Combs.  Thanks so much for your help today, Pat!

1.    What led you to consider pursuing your current field of work?

When I came to Baylor after my freshman year at Rice, I was not sure which specific direction in business that I wanted to pursue.  I also played baseball and my dream was to play professionally.  When I arrived at Baylor, I remember sitting down with a counselor in the business school and asking questions about which degree program I should pursue.  The counselor and I came to the same conclusion that based upon my interests, I should choose finance.  My thinking was that if I made it as a pro baseball player, I better be able to handle the money, and if I didn’t I could use the financial knowledge to go into the financial planning and investment field to help other ballplayers.
2.    What is your educational background?

Bachelor degree in business management.  Professional licenses in the financial advisory business…Series 7, 65, 63, 31 and insurance license
3.    What do you feel has best prepared your for your work?

Life experiences, hard work ethic I learned in athletics, mentors during my career, prayer, college education, business experiences, working with a team, and Jesus changing my heart towards people when he rescued me in 1989.
4.    Please take us through a typical day.

I am part of a 9 member financial advisory team at Morgan Stanley, named the Live Oak Group.  I am an equity partner, along with two other men from Houston.  I run the North Texas Branch of our operation.  My main role on the team is the business development officer, or Chief Relationship Officer.  My typical day includes anywhere from 1-3 in person meetings with prospective clients, as well as clients of our team.  I will also make calls and answer emails, mostly to set up meetings, meet client needs, and planning.  A successful day for me is when I am out of the office most, if not all of the day in meetings.  As the CRO, my goal is to develop new relationships, work with clients on plans and investments, and bring in new assets from prospective clients.  I am also responsible for training and mentoring our junior advisors.  I also speak at various events about 2-3 times per month, and I plan and execute projects and seminars for the team.
5.    What is your advice to students interested in pursuing this world of work?

The financial services business is a very competitive industry.  One has to possess a unique skill set that includes technical, as well as relational talents and skills.  Most needed is a passion to help others in financial planning, investments, and the psychology of navigating through various markets.  This business is full of ups, downs, joy, frustration, celebration, sadness, and hopefully in the end a smile from God, as a “faithful servant” to His people.  We also feel that because of the complexities involved in this business that it is best done with a team.  My advice is to students is to really investigate this industry and if led to pursue, gain an internship to see where the best fit would be for their particular skill sets.  This business has everything to do with people, service, and also includes the technical aspects of planning and investments.  But, you don’t have to be an expert and “wear multiple hats.”  You can figure out which part and the best role that fits you and find a great team that shares your worldview and partner with them.

Happy Spring Break!

Whether you are soaking up the sun,

hitting the slopes,

or plan to spend time curled up in a comfy place catching up on naps and Netflix,

take advantage of this break from school to think a little about your future plans.  Maybe that will include talking to the people around you about your goals and dreams and seeing if they know of people in the fields you are interested in.  Who knows, while standing in line for the ski lift, you may strike up a conversation with someone who could have valuable information about a field of study that interests you.  If you are spending time in your hometown, this break could be a perfect opportunity to put some feet to your ideas about what you will do this summer.  Explore internship and summer job experiences that will help you develop skills in areas of work you find appealing.  Spending time in those work environments is a great way to really see if that line of work is a good fit.

Enjoy your break and get good rest, so you’ll be ready to take on the rest of the semester.

Career Spotlight: Anesthesiologist Assistant

This may be a new one to you.  Anesthesiologist assistants must hold a Master’s degree from an approved training program.  There are only eight anesthesiologist assistant programs available at this time, and they do require an undergraduate science background. provides more information on this high-paying career with a good outlook.

Internship Opportunities March 6, 2013

American National Insurance Co.

BenBella Books

Celanese International Corp.

  • Supply Chain Management Internship
    Major(s): Finance, Financial Services & Planning, Operations Management, Quantitative Business Analysis, Distribution Management & Technology, MBA

City of Cedar Park

Goodwill Industries of Dallas

MassMutual Greater Houston

The Brandt Companies, LLC