Free Webinar Opportunity!

Image courtesy of nuttakit /
Image courtesy of nuttakit /

Have you ever wished you could meet someone for coffee who works in your field of interest and could help you with tips for getting into the career field of your dreams?  Well, I found a resource that might be pretty close to this idea.

Evisors offers free webinars facilitated by professionals in a variety of fields discussing different career-related topics.  These webinars are free when viewed “live” at 1 pm CST.  After the webinars are archived, they cost $3 to view.  The Office of Career and Professional Development does not endorse the paid service, but the “live” free option might be a useful tool in your career decision process.  Another value of watching the webinar live is it gives you the opportunity to ask the speaker questions.  Let us know what you think!

You can view the list of upcoming webinars here.  Scroll down to “Webinar Library” and click the “Upcoming” tab for the schedule of “live” webinars.

A few upcoming webinar topics, include:

  • “Networking with Social Media” — February 6th
  • “Careers in Media and Entertainment” — February 13th
  • “Summer Internship Search Strategies” — February 18th
  • “Careers and Trends in Healthcare” — February 20th

and many more!  Thanks for stopping by.  Remember, if you would like to meet with someone to talk about your career journey more in depth, please make an appointment with our office at  Just click on the red box and follow the instructions.  We look forward to working with you!


Applying to Grad School in Museum Studies and Related Fields

Museum StudiesStudents interested in the possibility of working in a museum are invited to attend a panel discussion on Thursday, January 30th at 6:00 p.m. about applying to graduate school in museum studies.  The event is hosted by the Museum Studies Student Association and will feature museum professionals and graduate faculty as panelists.  The program will take place in the Baines Room of the Student Union Building.  This is an excellent opportunity for budding museum professionals to learn exactly what graduate programs and future employers will be looking for, so I hope you will take advantage.

“Jobs Made Real”

Image courtesy of bplanet /
Image courtesy of bplanet /

Have you ever wished you could speak to people in particular career fields, so you can hear more about their personal experience with their work?  Maybe you wanted to know a little more about what a day in the life is like for a specific professional to help you discover if that career would fit for you.  Perhaps watching a video about a particular career would give you a clearer picture of what the work environment is really like.  Are you struggling to find time in your schedule to meet with people to discuss their career backgrounds?

Well, if any of these items apply to you, I have a great resource!  I just discovered the website:  Jobs Made Real.  This site offers a plethora of different job titles with videos describing the career and also interviews with professionals working in those particular fields.  You can search by a specific topic, general interests and salary range.  If you are interested in a particular field, be sure and take a look at this great resource.  You may find out some key information to help you on your journey.  As always, if you have questions about your career or major search, please make an appointment with our office here.  As part of your career exploration, meeting with a professional face to face for an information interview is key for valuable insight and networking and Career and Professional Development can help you connect with someone you could meet in-person.  Jobs Made Real may help guide you to the specific type of career professionals you would like to meet!

Career Spotlight: Applied Behavior Analyst


Each semester, I have a few students remark that they feel called to work with individuals with special needs.  Special education and health care occupations may be obvious possibilities.  Here is another field to consider–applied behavior analysis.  Psychologists have been studying human behavior for decades.  This body of knowledge is now being applied to provide specialized interventions for individuals with autism and other developmental disorders.

There are graduate programs in Baylor’s School of Education that can incorporate the Applied Behavior Analysis specialization.  Click here for more information.

Let’s Hear From You!

"Image courtesy of cbenjasuwan /".
“Image courtesy of cbenjasuwan /”.

Thank you so much for stopping by Baylor’s Career Corner.  We want to offer content that is new and fresh and most applicable to your current questions and concerns.  Today, we want to extend the opportunity for you to ask us any questions you may have related to career or major issues and also to let us know if there is any particular career or major-related topic that is something you would like to hear about.  Please leave these questions and topics in the comments section below.  We hope to cover these areas in upcoming posts this semester.

We look forward to continuing on the journey with you and hope your first week back is going well!

New Year’s Career Resolutions

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As you reflect upon last semester’s performance and gear up for a fresh start, why not consider some New Year’s resolutions that will help you plan for success in school and in your career?  A few ideas, along with resources for helping you achieve your goals:

Happy 2014!  Here’s to a great spring semester!