Preparing for Finals

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“It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year” or at least that is what a very popular Christmas song would lead us to believe, but right now are you a little more concerned with the final exams on the road ahead than what Santa will leave under the tree?  If you are, you are not alone.  Maybe you’re struggling with where to begin when it comes to finals prep.  Sometimes beginning the process can be the biggest hurdle.  I have some great news for you today because our friends in Academic Support Programs have put together some wonderful tools that will help you plan out your studies for this final home stretch.  You can find these resources here: Finals Study Guide- fall 2013 (3).

Maybe you’re struggling with maintaining your motivation to study.  Think of finals as a major project you are working on for your job.  How will finishing the semester well influence your career plans?  What can you learn from this experience of intense study and hard work?  This challenge might just be something you could describe to a potential employer in an interview when asked about a time you overcame a challenge or stayed motivated in the midst of difficulty.  Putting in the time and effort to study diligently can be a great opportunity to not only be a successful  student, but also to develop character.

If you would like one on one help, the Success Center is here for you.  Remember, you aren’t in this alone!  We hope you do your best on your final exams and enjoy a restful Christmas break.

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Enhancing Your Major with Relevant Work Experience

Any major is going to provide you with a certain set of knowledge, skills, and abilities.  How will you prove to prospective employers that you have them?  Earning a degree is a significant accomplishment, but to set yourself apart from other internship and job candidates, experience is key.  Many of our students have worked or spent time on volunteer projects during high school.  However, it is critical to build up experience during your time at Baylor.  Here are some examples of ways you could gain experience, and don’t stop at just one:

  • A part-time job or summer job (try to relate it to your long-term career goals)
  • An ongoing volunteer experience (will allow you to develop more skills than short-term projects)
  • An internship that relates to your major and career goals
  • A leadership role in a student organization
  • Assisting faculty with research
  • Getting your writing published

Don’t forget that Career and Professional Development is here to help.  Visit our website to get started!