What Can I Do with a History Major?

Despite popular myth, there really are many career possibilities available to history majors.  Some of the following resources may help you discover ways to apply your knowledge and skills out in the professional world.

Careers for History Majors (American Historical Association)

Careers for the History Professional (American Association for State and Local History)

History (University of North Carolina-Wilmington)

WebLinks: History (Northern Illinois University)

New Internships – April 26th, 2013

If you are looking for an internship this summer, or even just a part-time job, look no further than HireABear! We still have many positions posted for this summer.


Lakeland West Capital, LLC 

  • Analyst – Economics, Finance, Real Estate, MBA majors

Ameson Education and Cultural Exchange Foundation    

Living Full Out Inc.   

Medix Staffing Solutions     

University Directories 

  • Sales and Marketing Internship Summer 2013 – Pre-Business, Business Broadcasting, Business Journalism, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Financial Services & Planning, International Business, International Management, Management, Marketing, Professional Selling, Risk Management & Insurance, Sports Sponsorship & Sales, Accounting Information Systems , MBA majors

Digital Network Group  

  • Mentor/Tutor – School of Education, School of Social Work majors

First Baptist Hurst    

Maxwell Locke & Ritter 

PR by the Book   

  • Digital Content Manager – Communications-Film & Digital Media, Communication Specialist, Communication Studies, Journalism-Public Relations or News Editorial majors

University Laundry     

China Internship Solutions Corp.   

Ronald McDonald House Houston      

First Baptist Church, Cleburne  

Greek Lifestyle Guide  

  • Account Executive – Communications-Film & Digital Media, Communication Studies, Communications-Speech Communication, Pre-Business, Business Broadcasting, Business Law, Finance, Financial Services & Planning, Management, Marketing, Professional Selling, Public Administration, Media Business, Communications-Corporate Communications, Management Information Systems majors

Texas Department of Agriculture    

Hewlett Packard  

Fort Bend County 

International Justice Mission (IJM)

Grand Prix of Houston  

  • Summer Intern – Business Administration/BA, Communication Studies, Management, Marketing, Operations Management, Sports Sponsorship & Sales, Recreation & Leisure Studies, Marketing, Music & Entertainment, Sport Management majors

Avaya, Inc     


Trinity Industries     

Career Spotlight: Physician Assistant

The demand for primary care practitioners is high, due in large part to the aging baby boomer population.  Physician assistants are key players in the field of health care.  If you are interested in primary care, this occupation could be worth your time to explore.  Under the supervision of a physician, physician assistants are able to diagnose and treat illnesses.  They are also able to prescribe medication.

Many people are attracted to this profession due to the amount of independence in working with patients, as well as a good job market.  The path to become a physician assistant is not easy, however.  In fact, physician assistant programs have become more competitive than medical schools for admission.  Students must exhibit excellent grades, and many applicants have health care experience as a registered nurse or emergency medical technician.  Physician assistant programs take between two and three years to complete.

For more information, the American Academy of Physician Assistants offers an article entitled, “Becoming a PA.”

Have You Started Preparing for Finals?

The end of the semester usually involves major papers, projects, and tests that need to be completed before the final exam period, so you might not be thinking about finals just yet.  Wise students know that one of the keys to strong final exam performance is preparing early.  Use this guide from Academic Support Programs to help you form a plan to tackle this semester’s finals.  Best wishes!

Three Ways to Major in Economics

For students who take an interest in economics, there are multiple ways to build an academic plan that will suit each student’s unique career needs.  Students can choose a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Business Administration, or Bachelor of Science degree plan.  What this means is that students who have an interest in double majoring have 86 possible choices for their second major.  Students can use this foundation to enter thousands of occupations, including business, law, and healthcare.  An Economics minor is also available.

Click here for some initial ideas on career possibilities with an Economics major.

Financial Security and Your First Job

As we get closer to graduation day, some of you will be walking across the stage at the Ferrell Center and heading off to “fling your green and gold afar”.  Something that is helpful to remember as you begin those first jobs is the importance of incorporating savings into your lifestyle.  For many students and young professionals, financial security is a major value.  One way to work towards that value is savings.  Take a minute and read this article from the Levo League about how much to save and ways to begin saving: http://www.levoleague.com/lifestyle/how-much-your-paycheck-should-you-be-saving. If we incorporate savings into our financial picture at the beginning of our career, it will be easier to continue the trend throughout our working life.

Career Spotlight: Marketing Manager


Marketing is a popular major choice for many of our students, due to the perception that interpersonal skills and creative talent are key elements.  Today’s post will focus on the responsibilities of marketing managers.  From Occupational Outlook Handbook:

Marketing managers estimate the demand for products and services that an organization and its competitors offer. They identify potential markets for the organization’s products.

Marketing managers also develop pricing strategies to help organizations maximize profits and market share while ensuring that the organizations’ customers are satisfied. They work with sales, public relations, and product development staff.

For example, a marketing manager may monitor trends that indicate the need for new products and services. Then they oversee the development of that new product.

Take note that strategy based on data is a key element of this profession.  Do you consider yourself a strategic thinker?  Do you like analyzing information?  Obviously, the ability to work as part of a team is also critical.

It is also important to recognize that many marketing managers have work experience in the field prior to taking on the management role.  Reviewing full-time job postings for marketing managers will help you gain an understanding of what kinds of experience you will need to be qualified for a leadership role.  You could even begin gaining experience during college through internships.  Make sure to visit the website for the Office of Career and Professional Development for information on how to prepare for and find an internship.

Another resource, the American Marketing Association, has a section of their website devoted to students.  It includes a job board.  Keep in mind that once you determine if a career in marketing is for you, you will need to develop a plan for marketing your own skills and talents.

Click here for more information on the Marketing major at Baylor.

New Internships April 19th, 2013

Now that we’re in the last few weeks of the semester here are new internships posted on HireABear this week! There is still time to find something if you haven’t already.

Oceans Campus    

STARRY Counseling

Texas Farm Bureau & Affiliated Companies 

Vanguard College Preparatory School


Park Place Dealerships 

Trinity Industries


Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept.     

FBD Partnership, LP  

Meridian Propane 

The Princeton Review   

The Selva Group  


Dress for Success

Summer is approaching quickly and many of you may be getting ready to go on job interviews. It may be for a summer job or for your first job as a college graduate. Either way, you want to be prepared! You’ve likely perfected your resume and interviewing skills by now but there is one more factor you might want to consider…what to wear. You may not be aware, but even the smallest details, such as the color of your shirt, can affect your chances of obtaining the job. The following article explains how colors can be interpreted by interviewers:

What Message is the Color You’re Wearing Sending? (AOL Jobs)

Religion Major: Not Just for Pre-Seminary Students

Many Baylor students say that they were first attracted to Baylor because of the opportunities to nurture their faith.  After taking the required Religion classes, some of these students realize they have a desire to learn more.  Of course, a major in Religion can be excellent preparation for seminary, but there are many other options for students with this background. 

In fact, Tim Copeland shares in his blog that a recent report from the American Association of Colleges and Universities highlights the skills that employers are looking for in their new hires:  critical thinking, communication, and problem solving.  Religion majors gain plenty of practice with these skills in their coursework.  You can visit the website for the Department of Religion at Baylor to read about career possibilities with a Religion major, listen to a podcast with Dr. Doug Weaver, or review a list of courses that make up the major.