Recommended Equipment

After much research I have done with my students, I think this is the best ligature is made of real leather. This ligature is now a favorite among my students and some college professors. It can be yours at the price that everyone can afford.

This Sanding Glass is designed by me for my students’ reed trouble. It will smooth out the back of the reed and is a secure spot to adjust the top of the reed with the ball. It is a must have to extend the life of the reed! It works extremely well with any single reeds such as bass clarinet and baritone saxophone reeds. It comes with a marble ball to adjust the top of your reeds. A great replacement for your reed knife. My students and professional friends love and use the set everyday!!
It is also a great tool for refacing the mouthpiece for professionals.

These beautiful cases are made of high quality maple wood and are hand selected by Dr. Qian. It has two holes on both sides and allows fresh air to flow with a natural looking. Along with the reed glass, it will even prevent the tip of reed from wrinkling in the dry winter. It will hold nine Bb, Eb, or Bass clarinet Reeds as well as Alto and Soprano Saxophone reeds.

 Baylor CC 2015 black_front[13]Baylor CC 2015 black_back[9]Our Baylor Studio T-Shirt!

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