Soprano Clarinet Audition Requirement

Undergraduate audition requirements:

Woodwind students must apply for Baylor admission and fill out the School of Music Request for Audition form before auditioning.

Students should prepare selections that are contrasting in style and tempo and best demonstrate the player’s abilities. Two movements from the same composition are acceptable.

Suggested literature:
• One or two movements from a standard concerto (with cadenza, if applicable)

Recommending one of them: Weber Concerto No.2 (Movement I or III);  or  Mozart Concerto ( Movement I or III) on A clarinet if possible; or  Spohr Concerto No. 1 ( Movement I); or Copland Concerto ( Up to Cadenza); or Weber Concertino (Complete);

• A short piece and/or contrasting etudes

Recommending: Selections from Rose 32 Etude or Cavallini Caprices.

• All major scales,  harmonic minor scales and full range chromatic
Although not required, memorization is encouraged.

( Oh yeah)

  • Minimal TOFEL requirement is 76 ( only for international student).


Some questions regarding Baylor Clarinet Studio:


What is the appropriate attire for the audition?
Nice Sunday clothing
Also, will the audition be in front of other judges as well?
It would be in front of entire Woodwind faculty members.
Will I be expected to stand or permitted to sit?
Standing for solo, siting for orchestral excerpts.
Will you and other judges be facing him?
Anything else you can tell us about the audition room environment, procedures?
Large music class room.  Not too dry, not too live.


I’m curious about opportunities for undergrad students in the Wind Ensemble and Symphony Orchestra. How likely is it that underclassmen get chances to play in these?

I have five of seven in top band are undergraduates.   Four of five in top orchestra are undergraduates. All undergraduates in the second orchestra,  We are undergraduates emphasized school and I only have two top rated graduate students at anytime.   Of course, everyone needs  play an audition behind the screen at the beginning of school year.   Further,  more each of you will be taught by me or another faculty member instead of graduate students!!

Hope you can join us this coming fall!



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