Top Reasons to study clarinet at Baylor

Quote from the Baylor students —

Dr. Qian is a great professor; he’s organized, skilled, a good teacher, and a fun person to be around.

Baylor has money for you! Scholarships are available through academic and musical merit. Get an affordable, top-rate education.

Dr. Qian is well-rounded in that he likes the fundamentalist old school approach, but is always open to new adaptations and equipment.

Baylor has a strong, competitive clarinet studio but it is not cutthroat – the environment is supportive and encouraging.

Baylor has very strong studios all around – the ensembles play incredible music at a very high level under masterful conductors.

There are tons of opportunities for playing in different ensembles, and for playing the auxiliary instruments.

There is a mix of music education majors and performance majors, all of whom play their instruments very well.

The Baylor ensembles play at conferences (TMEA, CBDNA) and take tours each year! They also work closely with composers, and play a healthy mix of standard repertoire and new music.

Baylor will provide you with a well-rounded education academically, allowing you to be a complete person and a complete musician.