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My name is Matt Summers.  I am from Winterville, North Carolina.  I have a older brother named Mitchell and two older sisters named Shelby and Ashley.  I love to play sports and do adventrous things with friends.  I love going to North Carolinas’ beaches to surf and hang out on the beach with family and friends.   I would rather be in the mountains in Colorado snowboarding and enjoying the beautiful views of the wild life and the Rocky Mountains.

Everyone has dreams.

My dream my whole life was to play sports that is all I wanted to do and I was blessed with the talent to do so.  Growing up I excelled in baseball and basketball faster than most kids and was known for playing these sports.  Going into high school I was excited for the new competition and to show everyone what I had.  This worked out until about the fourth game of the basketball season where I broke my back and was out the rest of the season.  This also affected baseball season by not allowing me to play the first couple games.  Finally I was back to playing baseball at least.  I began to focus more on baseball becasue I realized I was not going to be able to play basketball with my back which hurt because that was what I was most serious about with my dad being a basketball star.  I ended up rerupturing my back my junior year trying to play basketball again, this made me start thinking I might not be able to play sports anymore.  Senior year I kept at it but realized I have to broaden my horizons.  This is not a sad story so don’t feel sorry.  This is the start of a new story where I can build upon my life.

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After High School

When trying to figure out what I wanted to do instead of playing sports I began to look at different colleges to attend.  I applied to a lot of different places but the one that one me over was Baylor University.  This is where I am building on my life.  I am now pre business working on what I want to be and what I want to become.  I am still not giving up on my dreams though I am talking with the baseball program trying to get a chance to walk on the team.


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