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My family is one of my favorite things in life through fights and all.  I have One brother and two sisters.  My brothers name is Mitchell Summers he is 22 years old and is also attending Baylor University.  We have always been close through playing sports together hanging out when we were little.  My brother loved to play sports just as much as I did but when he realized it wasn’t everything he wanted he picked up music about his junior year of highs school.  Mitchell seemed to be a natural when it came to music he taught himself to play both piano and guitar and can pretty much play whatever else he once after a few minutes he gets his hands on it.  He now has a few original songs and I love to hang out with him and jam and listen to his music.

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My Sisters Ashley and Shelby have also impacted my life greatly.  Ashley is 26 years old and has always been the responsible one who takes care of everybody.  She is also one of the most speritual people I have ever meet and has impacted my walk with christ majorly.  Ashley’s last name is now Hudson after getting married to her high school sweet heart Ryan Hudson.  Ashley in Ryan now live in Colorado where Ryan works at a studio and Ashley works as Clinical Case Manager and coordinator of Cold Weather Care.  Shelby is 24 years old and has always been there when I want to goof off and have a good laugh, but she is also very responsible and knows when to be serious.  Shelby attended TCU and is know living in Fort Worth with her husband Dylan.


My parents are Brian and Amy Summers.  These are the best people I know they have keep me in line my whole life even when I don’t agree they still did their job.  My dad Brian Summers is a periodontist in Greenville, North Carolina but most importantly was the best basketball coach I ever had.  My mom Amy Summers is the most caring person I know no matter what I do I know she will always love me and be there for me.  All together I am extremely blessed to have such a great family.


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