St. peters

I started gaining my knowledge at a young age at St. Peter’s Catholic School even though I am not Catholic.  This is was my first school experience I enjoyed it mostly because I loved to be around people and interact.  This school well prepared me for my future school through many different aspects.  At this school we all had to do many things other public schools did not such as many research papers and other things.  The thing that St. Peter’s really helped me with was spanish.  Going into high school everyone seemed lost and to struggle where all I had to do was sit there because most of the information was a review.

South Central High SchoolAfter St. Peter’s I switched to public schools and attended South Central High School.  This was a great time in my life and was a great experience in some ways but awful in others.  This allowed me to get in sports programs that actually had people of my skill level to play with and against.  This also allowed me to see how other kids live and gave me more respect for what the opportunities I have been given.  The negative side to this school was that it wasn’t a school you were proud to go.  South Central thrived in athletics but when it came to education it was unchallenging and was not a good learning environment really.  That may have been the school or the community with in the school that gave of this vibe of not having a good learning environment.

Baylor campus

How I made my next choice of education was the most important.  Growing up in my family I was privileged to be able to travel to many different places and see what else is out there where many people in my town did not.  If I would not of had been privileged like this the chances are I still be in North Carolina with no idea what I could really have.  So now I am here at Baylor University studying under pre business and one day plan to become a successful business man but I am going to learn as much as possible so I can become the successful business man.

Schools attended and attending:

  1. St. Peter’s Catholic School
  2. South Central High School
  3. Baylor University

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