Life with Sports

My dad was a great athlete when he was younger.  His sport was basketball and was very well known around his area for it.  His senior year of high school he had letters from everywhere to go play basketball even pulls his letter from dean smith out every now and then just to show me.  This all was great until he blew his knee out his senior year and had to attend New Mexico Military institute to rehabilitate his knee.  After this he attended Northern Michigan where he played basketball.

Coming from a father like this basketball was first nature.  I grew up with a basketball in my hands at all time and always had the best coach to help me when I needed it.  Everyday when I was little seems so habitual but I wouldn’t give it up for anything in the world.  I would wake up do whatever my parents needed of me then my brother and I would make our way down the street to my friends house where all of us gathered to play basketball.  We would play until we were to exhausted to play anymore.  This is what really got me better at basketball especially sense I was playing with kids that were all at least three to four years older than me.

Matt SCHS B-ball 9

So my love for basketball was there but thats not where it stopped.  I love all sports football, baseball, even soccer you name it I will play it but the one other sport I focused on was baseball.  This was not a specialty of my dad but where I lived baseball was the sport to play.  I began to get better fast at baseball and realized I either wanted to play baseball or basketball in college.  My freshman year of high school I ended up being diagnosed with spondylolysis which is a fracture in your back.  This took me out of sports for a while but I eventually got back to it and realized with my back if I play a college sport it will have to be baseball.  So I began to focus on baseball I was recruited by the “Dirtbags” which is a showcase baseball team that travels all around and competes in tournaments at colleges

Matt SCHS B-ball 10

and different places so that young athletes can be seen by colleges.  As you can see sports has been apart of my life forever and I will never forget all the hard work and all the great friends you make while doing it and not to mention some of the best most vivid memories I will ever have.

South Central High School Team

Batting Base Running Pitching
Avg.:2.88 Attempts:32 ERA:2.81
Hits:161 Safe:29 BSO:126
HR:4 Out:3 BW:69



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