Alpha Tau Omega

This last semester at Baylor I decided that I wanted to rush a fraternity. After going through rush and learning about each fraternity I received, and accepted a bid from the Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity. Since accepting my bid my life has drastically changed. I am now a part of a very special community where I have over one hundred best friends. At first I was very hesitant about joining a fraternity, but looking back I am very glad that I did. Being in a fraternity has taught me a lot about myself and really improved some of my weaknesses. I have learned how to work as a team, time management, and the true meaning of brotherhood. Below you will see a picture taken of me and the rest of the new members at our fraternity that was in Galveston, Texas this spring.

A picture of our new members at our formal in        Galveston, Texas

Being a new member of Alpha Tau Omega a huge help in our integration in to the fraternity was our ATO Sweetheart. She is one of the most genuine down to earth girls I have met, and has been a second mother for me tis semester always being there to talk to. Below you will see some pictures of some of my brother and I with our Sweetheart.

A few brothers and I on a date with the ATO Sweetheart

Me and some fellow brothers giving our Sweetheart a gift before she graduates

Although the brotherhood that I have found in my fraternity has been a truly amazing experience, the things that we do for our community is by far the most rewarding part of being in Alpha Tau Omega. Below you will see one of my favorite pictures of one of my brothers crossing the finish line with a pony at our annual RaceONE, that raises money for Mission Waco.

Spencer crossing the finish line with a pony during our annual RaceONE, 5K and 1 Mile race to raise money for the local Waco community.

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