SPI is the name of my dog that I have had for almost two years now. I adopted her from a shelter in South Padre Island, which is where the name SPI came from. Because she was

Picture of SPI the First Day I Got Her

SPI as a Full Grown Dog

adopted I am not sure what breed of dog she is, but as of now she is two years old and weighs around 75 pounds. As a puppy SPI has been quite an interesting dog. Wether she is being a sweet, loving dog, or eating an entire cake off the kitchen counter while no one is looking, she has kept the past two years interesting! When I first left hoome for college at Baylor my parents were so upset when I was more upset to leave SPI than I was to leave them. First semester of school was really hard not being able to see her everyday like I was use to in high school, however when second semester rolled around everything changed.

At the beginning of this semester my dad got a new job as a scout for the Chicago Cubs and sold the house that I had lived in through my high school years. As a scout my parents are able to live wherever they want, or in my family wherever my mom wants. So, at the beginning of the semester my parents moved to downtown Austin, Texas. Now that they live on the fourth floor of an apartment building keeping SPI was not really an option. When they moved I was left with a decision of either finding a home for SPI with me in Waco or finding her a new family to live with. Fortunately, some of my brothers of Alpha Tau Omega love dogs and have a large back yard. They took SPI in and have helped me take care of her while I have been living in the dorms. They

SPI Making Puppy-Dog-Eyes

have been life-savers taking her in and treating her so well, except I am looking forward to moving in to my apartment and having her live with me.

One of SPI’s many strange sleeping positions

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