Baylor Student Must-Do’s

This is a list of the top things that as a student at Baylor you MUST partake in at some point in your four years at Baylor University. So here are the top four events that all Baylor students need to try at least once:

  • Dia Del Oso
  • Tortilla Tossing
  • Cameron Park
  • Lake Whitney Cliff Diving

Dia Del Oso

Dia Del Oso, or Day of the Bear, is a holiday for the Baylor community where all of Baylor gets a day off of school on a thursday. The campus participates in many on campus activities, and gives students a chance to relax and spend time together. On campus activities range from tug-of-war tournaments to a multitude of artists performing for our students.

The Crowd at Fountain Mall on Baylor’s Campus During Dia Del Oso

Tortilla TossingĀ 

Tortilla tossing is a Baylor tradition where students go out on to the Waco suspension bridge, and attempt to throw tortillas off the bridge making them land on a cement platform out in the water. There are many techniques used to try and get the tortillas to fly straight, from the classic-frisby-throw, to the over-head-tomahawk. The ledgend goes, that if you are able to land a tortilla on the platform during your freshman year, you will graduate from Baylor in four years. This is a huge attraction to Baylor freshman and is a great Baylor tradition.

Arial View of the Waco Suspension Bridge

Cameron Park

Cameron Park and Cameron Park Zoo are both must do’s for Baylor students. Cameron Park’s beautiful trees and steep hills makes it a nice get away from the relatively flat Waco terrain. The Park offers a multitude of different activities as well as the wonderful Cameron Park Zoo. This Park serves as a nice getaway in Waco and is treasured by most Baylor students.

The View from the Famous Lovers Leap in Cameron Park

Lake Whitney Cliff Diving

If you are a thrill seeking student at Baylor Lake Whitney is the place to be. Many Baylor students venture out to Lake Whitney for a day of fun with friends and of course to cliff dive into the dark waters of Lake Whitney. Click, and play the video below and see what Lake Whitney is all about!

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