Two new video modules added to the Data Scholar Program.

Video Module: Coding Qualitative Text Content Using Excel

Category: Text Data Mining

Participants will gain experience with the following:

  1. Explore qualitative text content using Voyant-Tools
  2. Manual coding of content in Excel with close reading of the text
  3. Create drop-down menus in Excel
  4. Count numbers of words/phrases per Excel cell
  5. Visualize coding results using PivotCharts in Excel

Video Module: Tableau Parameters & Calculated Fields – Focus on If/Then Condition Syntax

Category: Data Visualization

Participants will work through a series of exercises in the following:

  1. Quick review of Tableau basics
  2. Creating Parameters
  3. Creating Calculated Fields
  4. Tableau If/Then Condition Syntax
Two New Data Scholar Modules: Qualitative Coding with Excel & Tableau Parameters & Calculated Fields

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