Documentary Title: Nine Faculty Engaging in Digital Humanities: A 2020 Summer Documentary

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Ongoing Documentary: Check Back for Next Installments

Video #1:

Title: Introduction to the Fundamentals of Data Research (FDR) Fellowship

Duration: 6:03

Summary: Josh describes the history and evolution of the Baylor University Libraries’ Fundamentals of Data Research Fellowship and its core components of data visualization, text data mining, and data scripting.

Video #2:

Title: Introduction to the Nine Faculty Fellows

Duration: 10:56

Summary: The nine Fellows introduce themselves and their digital humanities projects at the outset of the summer.

Audio Issues: Due to a recording error, there are periodic audio issues within this video. Our deepest apologies.

Video #3:

Title: Fellows Grappling with Data & Scope: Four Examples

Duration: 11:58

Summary: The first task the Fellows must grapple with is access to data and a potential refining of their research scope. This video focuses on the following four Fellows:

  • Sam Parler, School of Music
  • Julie Holcomb, Museum Studies
  • Nicholas Werse, Department of Religion
  • Nicole Kenley, Department of English
Documentary of Baylor Faculty Engaged in Digital Humanities Research

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