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Hey everyone!

Our first semester is coming to an end and unfortunately, I won’t be with you guys next semester! I switched my major to biomedical engineering a couple weeks ago and turns out that biology isn’t a part of the degree plan for BIOmedical engineering. Hmm…Weird. But, it is what it is!

But on a more exciting note–I am SO pumped about our EM phage photos! I literally squealed when I saw mine.  I was just a litttttle too excited. All the more reason I switched into biomedical engineering! The technology is just so fascinating.

On Monday, I plated a spot test for my ten 10-fold dilutions of my newly purified lysate. When I was spotting the 10 microliter drops of lysate dilutions, the drops didn’t form a circle/drop. The top agar seemed to be solidified (I waited about 7 minutes and doubled checked to make sure it wasn’t runny or moving). Either way, the drops spread out and made odd shapes, only to be absorbed by the TA within seconds.

My concern is that the drops ran together and will affect the titer calculation.. Hopefully this won’t be a huge problem since we only really look at the lower concentrations for calculations. Fingers crossed!

2 thoughts on “Long time no post

  1. Kirby

    I’m excited for you and your major changed! I recently changed my major as well (hello Freshman stereotype anyone?) but will be sticking with the class and program just to finish it up.

    I hope your titer calculations weren’t messed up! I seem to be the queen of having to redo plates because of small errors similar to that!

    1. bryan_gibbon

      Kirby- you are the second SEA-PHAGES student to switch to Journalism! Keep up with some science, we need well versed science journalists to communicate with the public!


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