The Debate!

So I watched to Bill Nye debate earlier this week. The topic was “Is creationism a viable model of creation in today’s modern Science?” The debate was really well moderated I thought and the questions selected from the audience were equally fair. But I watched this because I had never really taken the time to watch anything like this before so I was curious on how it worked.

I don’t really like the question or the aspect of “winning” a debate…. I like to see debates as formal, moderated discussions during which both sides gain an understanding of each others stance. Because I’m sure both of them will admit they learned form each other. Also along that note, very few people that take stances on this sort of topic are looking to possibly be persuaded. People tend to stick to their guns when it comes to religious controversy. So also that kind of takes away the “debating” i guess? Possibly in a sense.. So it really is just a heated discussion on which some people take score. Regardless, here’s one of the main things I took from it.

One of Nye’s high points was when he was asked “What came before the big-band?” Obviously he knew that would be brought up so he had an answer well rehearsed, but none the less a good answer. The answer reminded me of one of the first articles that Dr. Gibbon gave us during the wet lab, about constructive stupidity in science. Nye enthusiastically answered: (paraphrase) I don’t know! But  questions like that are what get me out of bed and to work every day. Its questions like that, that excite me and make me dig in and try to understand the question at hand! We have ideas! But nothing more, no proof.. Yet! Hopefully someone from Kentucky (Where the debate was being held) can some day answer that question for you!

So I thought that was a really good answer, he demonstrated he knew a lot of stuff earlier in his presentation (kinda sounded like a lecture at times, but I mean hey, its a scientific debate what do you expect??) but at the same time he showed that there’s just as much we don’t know as what we do know!

I would suggest if you have some free time to nerd out, to watch it! I enjoyed it and gave me several things to think about.

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