About Bears in the SEA

This website will document the experiences of students and faculty at Baylor University as they dive headlong into the HHMI SEA (Strategic Education Alliance). Baylor was selected as a site to implement a creative new laboratory experience for students taking introductory biology. The National Genomics Research Initiative is centered around the study of bacteriophage genomics. Students will isolate (Capture) bacteriophage from soil samples and purify a single bacteriophage strain (Tame). The students will characterize their bacteriophage (Dissect) by studying its morphology by electron microscopy and its genetic features by purifying DNA and comparing restriction fragment patterns by gel electrophoresis. The class will select a DNA sample to be fully sequenced by next-generation sequencing, and the genome will be characterized and annotated in the second semester. Please check back regularly to follow our progress.

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