Libraries to Invite Baylor Community to Complete LibQUAL+ Survey

This spring, the University Libraries will conduct the LibQUAL+ survey, a web-based survey that asks the Baylor students, faculty, and staff about their minimum, desired, and perceived library service levels in three dimensions: Library as Place, Information Control, and Affect of Service. This survey is a trusted instrument from the Association of Research Libraries, and more than 1,340 libraries in 35 countries have participated in it since 2000. The Baylor Libraries are participating in LibQUAL+ to better align our services with the needs and expectations of the academic community.

The Baylor community is invited to participate in the survey, including all students, faculty, and staff. The survey will be available from Wednesday, April 12 through Wednesday, May 3, and everyone will receive an email with the link to complete the survey on Wednesday, April 12. The survey does not need to be completed in a single session, but respondents must use the same computer and browser each time. The median response time for the survey is about 10 minutes.

The survey consists of approximately 40+ questions, including 22 core questions with three scales for each question, eight questions on general satisfaction and outcomes, three questions on library and non-library gateway usage patterns, five demographic questions, five custom questions specific to Baylor University Libraries, and one open-ended comments box. The three scales for each question represent the minimum acceptable level of service, the level of service the respondent personally wants, and the level of service that the respondent believes the library currently provides.

The LibQUAL+ approach to confidentiality is guided by the ethical standards of the American Psychological Association, and responses do not include email addresses or other identifying information. Responses will only be used in the aggregate and survey analyses will be treated with the strictest confidentiality. The survey is compatible with the JAWS screen reader software, and participants may request a print copy of the survey for submission of responses.

Once the data analysis is complete and available, the Libraries will keep the community informed of outcomes through postings on the our website and via a LibGuide put together by Joshua Been and Andrew Telep. For more information, please see the official LibQUAL FAQ or contact with any questions.

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