(Digital Collections) Feliz Diadeloso!

Today, Baylor Bears celebrate a campus tradition that dates back (in some form or other) to the 1930s: a day off during the Spring semester to frolic, play, take a break from classes and in general enjoy the beauty of springtime in Waco. It’s been called many things throughout the years, but today it is Diadeloso (“day of the bear” in Spanish), and it is looked forward to with as much excitement and anticipation as Christmas break, Spring Break and graduation day.

As such, we are presenting this week a couple of Dia-related images from our collections, with light commentary and a focus on frivolity. We hope you’re enjoying your Spring day wherever you are, and if you’re reading this from campus: get out there and celebrate!

Map of Festivities, 1978


Dizzy Bats, Outdoor Movies and BBQ, 1971

Photos of 1971 Dia from the 1971 "Round Up."

Photos of 1971 Dia from the 1971 “Round Up.”


It Was 1984, After All!

"Big Bear Is Watching" from the 1984 "Round Up"

“Big Bear Is Watching” from the 1984 “Round Up”


Hey, It WAS the 70’s (1972)

Two-page spread on Diadeloso from the 1972 "Round Up."

Two-page spread on Diadeloso from the 1972 “Round Up.”


Multiple Fonts? Long Hair? Must Be The 1990s! (1993)

Screen Shot 2014-04-10 at 11.34.05 AM

Coverage of Dia ’93 from the 1993 Round Up

There’s a ton of additional Dia-related resources in our various Baylor-related collections, so click over and start your search. Just be warned: if you participated in Diadeloso from the 1970s to the present, there could be a photo of your college days floating around out there. Be prepared to defend your wardrobe choices as necessary.

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