Slammin’ Game Engine

Hello! Below you will find a link to a tutorial on how to use our game engine, the “Slammin’ Mob Engine”! We hope this can give you ideas on how to go about maybe making your own engine and hopefully you can even use our engine to make an awesome game! This engine was made by Ashley Roesler, Cody Dowell, Weston Straw, and Stevie/Ashton Damrel.

Tutorial Link:

Drop Box Link:

Platforming Ninja

The name of the game is mobility. Navigate your way through the trees and mountains to win! Will you survive?

A – Move Left
D – Move Right
Shift – Dash
r – Restart game
space – Jump
Left-Click – Sword slash
Right-Click – Throw shuriken

Download Link:

– Stevie Damrel and Joel Futagawa

Profile Post

Stevie Damrel

I am from Magnolia, Texas it is a small city north of Houston. I am a CSI student with a focus in game design and a minor in FDM.

Career Goals


Most of my experience is in the realm of editing videos, working live media events, and taking apart computers only to put them back together.

Games Created

 None thus far

Favorite Games

  Classes Taken

  1. CSI 1337