Slammin’ Game Engine

Hello! Below you will find a link to a tutorial on how to use our game engine, the “Slammin’ Mob Engine”! We hope this can give you ideas on how to go about maybe making your own engine and hopefully you can even use our engine to make an awesome game! This engine was made by Ashley Roesler, Cody Dowell, Weston Straw, and Stevie/Ashton Damrel.

Tutorial Link:

Drop Box Link:

Daniel Clute (2021)

Daniel Clute

FDM major + CSI minor

Career Goals

Working towards directing video games.


Games Created


The Third Punic War (Group Project) – The Third Punic War


Noir Man (Group Project) – Noir Man


KIWI (Made just for fun) – KIWI


Essential Elements (Group Game Jam Game) – Essential Elements


Sna-Man (Old Game Jam Game) – Sna-Man

Portfolio Video:

Current Project:


Sky High – Video

Favorite Games

Animal Crossing – GC

Dark Souls III – PS4

Mario Party 7 – GC

Super Mario Odyssey – Switch

Classes Taken

  1. CSI 1337