Block Defense

By Brenden Thornton and Sean Shipley

Block Defense is a tower defense game where you place block towers to protect your kingdom of squares and to destroy the dastardly circle invaders. Try to make it through 20 levels!

Controls: Up/Down: Traverse through menu options, Enter: Select menu option, Mouse: Click to grab a tower and click again to set it down


Endless Ocean



Survive in a post-apocalyptic world flooded by the ocean after the ice caps have all melted. Defeat deadly fish enemies, avoid traps, and conquer this new watery world.



Move left and right with ‘A’ and ‘D’, and swim/jump with ‘SPACE’
Hold right click to put your robo fish in Pursue mode, and he will follow your cursor
If you have collected a laser token, hold left click while in pursue mode to fire a deadly laser
If you have collected a trail token, move your fish with your cursor in pursue mode, and he will leave behind a deadly trail
The shark token comes from killing a shark and kills fish when they attack you, however you will still lose a life
Collect more tokens to make your weapons stronger


Developers: Gabe Freeman and Andrew Huisman





Your entire civilization has been destroyed by THE VILLAIN. He has killed your entire family, and you are the only one left. You must rebuild! Rebuild your civilization in preparation to face THE VILLAIN and avenge your departed family. Will you finish in time to face him?



WASD to move

E to interact

P to open character menu

ENTER to select and place objects



Patrick Harris

Mia Gortney

Vincent Tyrrell




Guide to Imperium:



Remastered Edition:

DESCRIPTION: As a self-proclaimed “party animal”, a bunny girl nicknamed LUCKY FOOT finds herself at the hottest club in town, THE LEGOSHI CLUB, where she must reach her goal of the super exclusive VIP lounge through any means necessary. In this rhythm RPG, you take control of Lucky Foot as she gets into dance battles with enemies, drinks a reasonable amount of alcohol, and bribe whoever she can to make it through the different sections of the club by playing rhythm games and managing your money.


WASD to move

ENTER to get through cutscenes

SPACE to dance

R to Restart

At the beginning of the game, when it asks for A or D, A will give you a speed boost for the whole game, and D will give you more time on the dance challenges. If you want a regular version of the game, then just press enter on this screen.


BRIBE PRICES: Bears – $5 // Cats – $10 // Birds – $15

If you run into an enemy, you have the option to Dance, Heal, or Bribe. Dancing will put you in a rhythm game in which you have to hit SPACE when the bars hit each other in the circle. You can get a few in a row and get a combo, giving more damage and healing you at the same time, but you get damage when you press SPACE and it’s not to the rhythm. If you run out of heath, you are kicked out of the bar and have to restart. You have one heal per round, which will give you a random amount of healing from 1-10. You can decide to bribe an enemy so you don’t have to fight them, but it will cost more and more as the game goes on.

MADE BY: Matt Harrison


Miraculous Medieval

By: Gabe Freeman and Po Liang

Miraculous Medieval is a medieval platformer game where you shoot evil goblins with your bow and arrow, and save the princess! There are 3 levels, two types of goblins, and lots of interesting mechanics!

Controls: A: Move Left, D: Move Right, Space: Jump, Left Click: Shoot Bow, Move Cursor to Aim.




Iridescence is a 2D-platformer shooter game where the goal of the player, as the artist, is to restore color back to the world of gray. The player accomplishes this by using their paintbrush to shoot bullets of color at the various gray enemies, bringing back their color and killing them. Once the player has accomplished this, the world will be returned to its original vibrance of color, and everyone is saved!

How To Play:

Use the A and D keys to move across the level.

Use the space bar to jump.

Hold W and click the mouse button to fire dark bullets.

Hold E and click the mouse button to fire light bullets.

Move the mouse to aim the paintbrush.

The player can be hit a maximum of four times each level before they die and the level restarts.


Mia Gortney and Brenden Thornton


Time Invader

Team Members: Megan Adamik and Matthew Morris
Description: Time Invader is a game about a professional time traveler that has traveled to the Wild West to take down the evil Jeremiah Blue. During his travels through time, the time machine is destroyed and he must survive in the Wild West until first responders arrive to take him home.

Moving left/right: left/right arrow keys
Jump: space
Shoot: Left mouse button
Change Weapon: down arrow
Bailey button: R

Link to game:
Time Invader

Outbreak by Yifan Xu

Game Description:
This game is a side Scroller shooting game that player control a Rainbow 6 Seige Character Name Tachanka and fight out of a way full of cyber zombies.

Team: Yifan Xu & Yuqian Wei









press: “W””A””S””D” to move

Click to fire your weapon

Space bar to jump


Download Game:

The Test Subject – 2018


Plot: Play as an alien entering onto a human ship and go through several test experiments to test your skills.
Master each mini game and make the best score possible!


Arrow keys to move
Up Arrow Key Repeatedly to Complete Levels

Team Members:

April Yang

Link to Game:

Dinner Party (2018)

In “Dinner Party” you play as an undercover agent who is tasked to uncover which of the party guests present are actually there to assassinate the guest of honor. Before he arrives you must talk to each of the guests, using the vague clues provided and deduction skills from conversations to correctly identify the assassin and save the guest of honor.

Creators: Brandon Alcaraz and Mack Carter

Controls: WASD for movement. E to talk. WASD to select dialogue options and ENTER to select. TAB to bring up accusation screen, ARROW KEYS to select on accusation screen.

OutBox (2018)

Outbox: By Eric Jaroszewski & Joel Futagawa


WASD or Arrow Keys to move

Esc to Pause

Shift to dash

Left click for Combat action

Hold Right Click for Diplomacy action


Download Link:

Mundus Turrium (2018)

Welcome to Mundus Turrium, a new take on the tower defense genre.

About this Game
You and your people are living peacefully in the open plains until a foreign being shows up one day. You attempt to negotiate but soon find out that an army coming to take your homeland is upon the horizon. Build your defenses, strengthen your borders, prepare to fight. This is war, and you must win.

System Requirements
Windows 7+

– Use the arrow keys and ENTER to navigate the main menu.
– Use WASD to move the camera up, left, down, and right, respectively.
– Scroll to zoom in/out. Use the middle mouse button to reset zoom.
– Click on a tower on the side of the screen to select it. Assuming that you have enough energy, you can place it within range of another of your towers.

Download Game (Windows)
Download Installer (Windows)

CSI 1337 – Fall 2018


Matthew McCaskill
Mohsen Soltani


A Way Out (2018)


A way out is a game in which you attempt to card battle your way out of a dungeon. Along the way, you pick up cards to help you in battle. The game culminates in a final boss fight, which if you win, are given your freedom.


Message Screens: Enter to advance.

Game: Arrow keys to move. “A” to talk with characters.

In Battle: Mouse click to choose card.

People who made this game

Andrew Ammentorp

Matthew Sun


Click here to download the game.


BugOut! (2018)

BugOut! is game created with A Bug’s Life and Honey I Shrunk The Kids in mind. The story is that the player has been shrunk by a home experiment and must find their way back into the room that  has the machine that does it. Since you have been shrunk by the machine, your size is comparable to an ant. Unfortunately for you, you have been having a bug problem so you’re overrun by them everywhere you turn. You must fight your way back to find the key you dropped after the machine turned you into a pint sized person. Find it and get back into the room to turn yourself back into your normal size.

The best strategy to get the key is to complete the level on the right to get the shard which deals significantly more damage than the toothpick. This allows the player to complete the rest of the level as well as the second level more effectively and much quicker. Picking up the grasshopper armor is also a good strategy. This allows the player to jump much higher than normal which gives them the option of getting a higher score from jumping up to the spider web and defeating the second set of spiders. The aspect of this game that makes it emergent is the ability to choose which level you do first and can continue to do so as much as they would like. The player actually doesn’t have to do anything but run through the second level for the key if they choose to do so without ever picking up a weapon at all. That means the game is as hard as the player would like to make it. The grasshoppers are set to hop at random time intervals which makes it more difficult for the player to get a firm grasp on their movements. The spiders are set to drop at random time intervals as well. This keeps the player on their toes making sure they don’t get too relaxed with the way things move in the game. Some positive feedback would be the more accessories the player picks up the more powerful they become. This is an example of the snowball effect we discussed in class. As aforementioned, there is no right or wrong way to complete the game. It is completely up to the player to choose their path they wish to take. The enemy’s AI is a set side to side movement but with a focus on up and down movement being the thing to watch out for. The armor the player picks up allows the player to jump higher making them more difficult to hit. The better the player gets, the easier it will be for them to avoid being hit all together. The player is consistently finding new things(i.e. toothpick, shard, armor) these each have a different attribute in some way. Each can make the player more effective if they learn to use them correctly. The best items are at the end of each levels which encourages the player to defeat all the enemies to reach them. The bright colors of the wallpapers and enemies keep the player visually stimulated while the prompts make them wonder how the character is so small. Unfortunately, this installment is not all the story so the player never truly understands why, however, they get an idea. The armor allows the player to jump higher which means they can take shortcuts across the spider’s webbing and avoid being jumped on by grasshoppers more easily. The player can also defeat everyone in the second level using only the toothpick if they are able to master the controls as well as the movements of the grasshoppers and spiders.


Created by Romeo Medez and Daniel Trayler

The Man the Myth the Legend: Michael Jackson (2018)


This man needs no introduction

Image result for michael jackson nes game

he has saved the streets of earth and the moon,

Image result for michael jackson nes game on the moon

and captivated us with his gravity defying moves


Image result for michael jackson needs your help

But he does need your help.


When his plane crash landed, the man who could walk on the moon was silenced.

Now he is trapped in his own mind struggling to survive and it is up to you to save him!

Join him in a quest to break free from his own mind and dance his way into our hearts once more. Its Michael Jackson’s Nightmare!!!

Game box:

Farm Wars: Attack of the Crows (2018)


About the game:

You play as a farmer trying to protect his precious apple tree from the swarm of crows in the summer.

Survive 10 rounds and fend off the crows using your sturdy stick and various other crops you plant.


In planting screen:

  • WASD to move cursor
  • Space to plant plant
  • F1, F2, F3 to change type of plant
  • Enter to continue

In defense screen:

  • WASD to move
  • Space to attack



Makin Schilling

Addisyn Burlage


Farm Wars Box Download


The Third Punic War (2018)

Team Members: Stevie Damrel, Daniel Clute

Description: “In the fall season of 806 AD, the ordinarily peaceful land of Rome faced a crisis…”

A feud has broken out in the city of Rome! Pick a team and battle with a friend find out whom is the better commander!

This is a tactical strategy simulation game based on the real events of The Third Punic war.

Authenticity was our golden standard.


Instructions (Please Read!):


  • Click and Drag to move pawns.
  • Release in highlighted space to move or attack.
  • Red highlighted spaces allow for attack.-Blue highlighted spaces allow for attack and movement.


  • All pawns begin with 3 health
  • If your pawn is attacked, how much health is lost is dependent on the color of the space he is on.
    • Red: Loses 3 health (instant kill)
    • Yellow: Loses 2 health (two-hit kill)
    • Green: Loses 1 health (three-hit kill)
  • A player wins once they have killed the enemy Caeser.
  • A turn is complete once the current player has moved all pawns.

Hot Boy:

  • Hot Boy is the name of the flame monster on the screen.
  • Hot Boy will move freely after every turn.-If a player is inhabiting any of the 8 spaces around Hot Boy when a turn is completed, hot boy will attack, reducing 1hp from every pawn surrounding him. (The color of the space does not matter to Hot Boy.)
  • If a player attacks Hot Boy, he will become immobile for 3 turns.

Game Link

Chillennium 2018 – Anonymous Turtle

Juan Small Step

Team Members:

Juan Rodriguez, Romeo Mendez, Isaac, Daniel Trayler

Your name is Juan “El Grande Jefe” Gonzalez, you are an ambitious college bound student starting your first year. Get excited! Your life as an adult is about to finally start, a journey that will lay the foundation for your future. There will be tests, there will be love, there will be happiness, but don’t get too comfortable, it will not be easy. As you solve the continuous puzzles and riddles your new life has to offer, you will grow as a person and experience feelings you may not have before. Each level will present you with a new objective, a new trial, it’s up to you to persevere and get the best ending possible. Now get out there and start your epic tale, your story is now yours to write.

We didn’t get to finish the game due to the ambitious plot. Our idea was to show transformation through college life. From the first day of unpacking and leaving your family to go out on your own to finding the love of your life and graduating. So through Juan’s eyes, the player will experience everything that he does. We initially had a goal of 5 levels, each with a unique college experience. One thing that we didn’t get implemented that would’ve increased the game comprehension immensely.

Our team enjoyed Chillennium 2018, from start to finish, with the exception of severe lack of sleep for 48 hours. Even without much sleep, we enjoyed the experience immensely.

Essential Elements (Chillennium 2018)

Team Members: Daniel Lujan, Stevie Damrel, Dominic Baroni, Daniel Clute.


Description: Ninjas are cool, but what if a ninja had the power to control the elements?!?

Would it be twice as cool?? Find out with Essential Elements!

(Made for Chillennium 2018 Game Jam).


  • Move – Left and Right Arrow
  • Jump – Space
  • Dash – Z
  • Attack – X

Game Link

Hubert’s Short Adventure

In this game you play as the intrepid Hubert, a blue blob on a quest to survive. In this game you must find ways to take out your enemies and survive using only your wits and bullets once you find them.

Creators: Josh Huertas, Mack Carter

Controls: WASD for movement, Spacebar to jump, Aim bullets with mouse and shoot with Left Mouse Button

Super Pinto Revenge 64 (2018)

Created by JoJo Cordova and Andrew Ammentorp.

W to jump, A and D for movement. Use mouse to aim and fire.

The point of the game is to kill the Chili Pepper hordes and reach the final boss, Jalapeno Boi. The Pinto Man uses his mach speed magnum to get his revenge. When damaged, pick up the kidney beans on the map to heal and continue the fight.

Noir Man

Team Members: AJ Brenner, Daniel Clute

Description: Technical, fast-paced and classy platformer. The goal is to reach the final level and slay the beast that has corrupted your town.

But uh oh! The corruption has spread to the people (and helicopters) as well! Now is not the time for mercy, now is the time to act!


  • ‘A’ and ‘D’ to Move
  • ‘W’ to Jump
  • ‘Space’ to Dash
  • Move Mouse to Aim
  • “Left-Click” to Shoot!

Game Link

Pathfinder (2018)

Welcome to Pathfinder, the game of dark mazes, shooting, and exploration.

About this Game
You are lost in a dark maze with nothing but a torch and a pistol to survive. Take advantage of powerups and stealth as you navigate your way through the unknown. Most importantly, do not provoke the maze dwellers, or you might have two problems on your hands. Can you fight your way through hordes of enemies and twisty passages and reach safety?

System Requirements
Windows 7+

– Use WASD to move up, left, down, and right, respectively.
– Move your mouse around to change the direction you are looking.
– Left-click to fire your gun in that direction (hold left-click to repeatedly fire).

Download Game (Windows)
Download Sources

CSI 1337 – Fall 2018


Matthew McCaskill
Matthew Sun

The Pillar of Autumn – 2018

Team Members: Dominic Baroni and April Yang
Description: The game features a retro, 2D shooter version of the game Halo. The player begins the game with the ship they are on being attacked. They then have to make it through the ship, through waves of enemies such as grunts and Elites, in order to reach the escape pods at the end.


  • ‘w’, ‘a’, ‘s’, ‘d’ to move around
  • ‘space’ to jump
  • ‘right-click’ to interact
  • ‘e’ to pick up a gun
  • ‘f’ to drop a gun
  • mouse pointer to aim weapon




About This Game

You must reach the end of each level to progress.  You do not have to kill enemies, although they will certainly try to kill you!


A – left, D – right, spacebar – jump, left mouse click – shoot, right mouse click – pick up gun, R – main menu

System Requirements

Windows OS


Download off of Box 

Class 1337


Mohsen Soltani

Josh Rose

Platforming Ninja

The name of the game is mobility. Navigate your way through the trees and mountains to win! Will you survive?

A – Move Left
D – Move Right
Shift – Dash
r – Restart game
space – Jump
Left-Click – Sword slash
Right-Click – Throw shuriken

Download Link:

– Stevie Damrel and Joel Futagawa

Black Cat with a Green Hood

Black Cat with a Green Hood

Link :




WASD: Move

Left Mouse: Fire bullets

Right Mouse: Fire bombs



Pea Pod Magazine: Gives player rapid fire for 10 seconds

Bomb: Gives you one bomb to fire by right-clicking

The Man With No Name

You are the man with no name. You are the best shot in the west and their is only one thing standing in your way: ZOMBIES!!!!

Its just you and your trusty side arm, Sara Jane. There are zombies that need to be put back into the ground and you are the man for the job.

No one will know what to call you but you will still save the day.

The Man With No Name is a side scrolling 2D shooter that is heavily influenced by western films from the Clint Eastwood era. You run, jump, and shoot your way to killing all the zombies you can. The controls are simple in that space bar is jump the WASD keys are movement, aiming is done with a mouse, and lastly shooting with just the left mouse button. This beautiful game was created by Daniel Trayler and Carlos Adrian Rodriguez.

The Man With No Name

Flying The Coop (2018)

Flying The Coop (2018)



Flying The Coop is a simple side scrolling platforming shooter where you play as a chicken fighting against the world of it’s natural enemies. With an Egg Bazooka.

Team Members:

Brandon Alcaraz

Makin Schilling


Arrow keys to navigate menu.

Enter to select on menu.

WASD Move player.

Mouse to aim.

Left click to shoot.

Download Link:

Box Download

The Man With No Name

You are the man with no name. You are the best shot in the west and their is only one thing standing in your way: ZOMBIES!!!!

Its just you and your trusty side arm, Sara Jane. There are zombies that need to be put back into the ground and you are the man for the job.

No one will know what to call you but you will still save the day.

The Man With No Name is a side scrolling 2D shooter that is heavily influenced by western films from the Clint Eastwood era. You run,jump,

and shoot your way to killing all the zombies you can. The controls are simple in that space bar is jump the WSAD keys are movement,

aiming is done with a mouse, and lastly shooting with just the left mouse button. This beautiful game was created by Daniel Trayler and Carlos Adrian Rodriguez


Link to Game:

Super Pinto Revenge 64 (2018)

Box link:

Team Members: Andrew Ammentorp, JoJo Cordova

Controls: W to jump, A to move left, D to move right, and right click to shoot. To get items, simply walk on them.

Description: Our game is an arena shooter and side scroller that follows a pinto bean on his mission of defeating enemy beans and a boss Jalapeño in the wild west equipped with only his trusty pistol. The player goes through 3 levels in the game.


CSI 1337: Marketing to Current Game Trends 2018

The students were given an opportunity to create a video pitch for the next big game idea.  Based on their research of currently popular games and the constraints of one year of development and a small team, we had lots of creative game ideas.  Congratulations to the winners!



Matthew McCaskill, Mohsen Soltani, and Joshua Huertas


Runners Up

Eric Jaroszewski and Makin Schilling

Joel Futagawa and Matthew Sun


Other Videos

Josh Rose and Joseph Cordova

Mack Carter and AJ Brenner

Addisyn Burlage and April Yang

Stevie Damrel and Daniel Trayler

Romeo Mendez and Juan Alvarez

Adrian Rodriguez and Stacy Dodson

Andrew Ammentorp and Alejandro Gil

Brandon Alcaraz and Daniel Clute


April Yang (2022)

April Yang

I am currently majoring in Computer Science with a concentration in gaming. Some of my interests are reading, writing, taking long walks, and of course, gaming.

Career Goals: Create video games through programming, designing interface, making game play, or writing story, whichever comes first




Games Created




Videos Created

Game Pitch Video:


Favorite Games

  • Mass Effect 2

  • Gears of War 4

  • King’s Quest

  • Assassin’s Creed 3

  • Left for Dead

  • Monster Hunter: World

Classes Taken

  1. CSI 1337
  2. CSI 1430 & 1440

Adrian Rodriguez(2019)


Adrian Rodriguez

Career Goals: I am a Sociology Major and I hope to get a new understanding of video games from this Course



Games Created

 The Man With No Name:
Michael Jackson: :…-michael-jackson/ 

Favorite Games The Last of Us, Every Pokemon Game, God of War, Chrono Trigger, Super Smash Bros

Classes Taken

  1. CSI 1337

Link to Video Game Pitch:

The Kanye Principle (2017)

About This Game

Mix different kinds of music together to become the ultimate music mogul!  But be sure to follow current popular trends!

System Requirements 

OS:Windows 7, 10


CSI 1337 – Fall 2017


Ben Davis
Jacque Keener
Gable Stallings

Fantasia Battelia (2017)

About This Game

Choose your favorite fantasy fighter and compete in several levels of intense combat.  Also includes a narrative for each character.

System Requirements 

OS:Windows 7, 10


CSI 1337 – Fall 2017


Sydney Yokochi
Fred Lin

Star Chores (2017)

About This Game

A combination of asteroids and platforming, complete with custom made music.  In space!

System Requirements 

OS:Windows 7, 10


CSI 1337 – Fall 2017


Sample Student
Sample Student 2
Sample Student 3
Sample Student 4

CSI 1337- Marketing to Current Game Trends Assignment


In this assignment, students were required to perform market research on games that were currently commercially successful and create a video pitch for their game idea.  The students were given team and project length restrictions  on their project.  Listed are the winners and runner-up submissions for Fall of 2017.  Congratulations to Logan Parmeter and Ashley Emerson!




Runner Up 1

Runner Up 2

CSI 1337


Logan Parmeter
Ashley Emerson