The Third Punic War (2018)

Team Members: Stevie Damrel, Daniel Clute

Description: “In the fall season of 806 AD, the ordinarily peaceful land of Rome faced a crisis…”

A feud has broken out in the city of Rome! Pick a team and battle with a friend find out whom is the better commander!

This is a tactical strategy simulation game based on the real events of The Third Punic war.

Authenticity was our golden standard.


Instructions (Please Read!):


  • Click and Drag to move pawns.
  • Release in highlighted space to move or attack.
  • Red highlighted spaces allow for attack.-Blue highlighted spaces allow for attack and movement.


  • All pawns begin with 3 health
  • If your pawn is attacked, how much health is lost is dependent on the color of the space he is on.
    • Red: Loses 3 health (instant kill)
    • Yellow: Loses 2 health (two-hit kill)
    • Green: Loses 1 health (three-hit kill)
  • A player wins once they have killed the enemy Caeser.
  • A turn is complete once the current player has moved all pawns.

Hot Boy:

  • Hot Boy is the name of the flame monster on the screen.
  • Hot Boy will move freely after every turn.-If a player is inhabiting any of the 8 spaces around Hot Boy when a turn is completed, hot boy will attack, reducing 1hp from every pawn surrounding him. (The color of the space does not matter to Hot Boy.)
  • If a player attacks Hot Boy, he will become immobile for 3 turns.

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