The Third Punic War (2018)

Team Members: Stevie Damrel, Daniel Clute

Description: “In the fall season of 806 AD, the ordinarily peaceful land of Rome faced a crisis…”

A feud has broken out in the city of Rome! Pick a team and battle with a friend find out whom is the better commander!

This is a tactical strategy simulation game based on the real events of The Third Punic war.

Authenticity was our golden standard.


Instructions (Please Read!):


  • Click and Drag to move pawns.
  • Release in highlighted space to move or attack.
  • Red highlighted spaces allow for attack.-Blue highlighted spaces allow for attack and movement.


  • All pawns begin with 3 health
  • If your pawn is attacked, how much health is lost is dependent on the color of the space he is on.
    • Red: Loses 3 health (instant kill)
    • Yellow: Loses 2 health (two-hit kill)
    • Green: Loses 1 health (three-hit kill)
  • A player wins once they have killed the enemy Caeser.
  • A turn is complete once the current player has moved all pawns.

Hot Boy:

  • Hot Boy is the name of the flame monster on the screen.
  • Hot Boy will move freely after every turn.-If a player is inhabiting any of the 8 spaces around Hot Boy when a turn is completed, hot boy will attack, reducing 1hp from every pawn surrounding him. (The color of the space does not matter to Hot Boy.)
  • If a player attacks Hot Boy, he will become immobile for 3 turns.

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Essential Elements (Chillennium 2018)

Team Members: Daniel Lujan, Stevie Damrel, Dominic Baroni, Daniel Clute.


Description: Ninjas are cool, but what if a ninja had the power to control the elements?!?

Would it be twice as cool?? Find out with Essential Elements!

(Made for Chillennium 2018 Game Jam).


  • Move – Left and Right Arrow
  • Jump – Space
  • Dash – Z
  • Attack – X

Game Link

Noir Man

Team Members: AJ Brenner, Daniel Clute

Description: Technical, fast-paced and classy platformer. The goal is to reach the final level and slay the beast that has corrupted your town.

But uh oh! The corruption has spread to the people (and helicopters) as well! Now is not the time for mercy, now is the time to act!


  • ‘A’ and ‘D’ to Move
  • ‘W’ to Jump
  • ‘Space’ to Dash
  • Move Mouse to Aim
  • “Left-Click” to Shoot!

Game Link

Daniel Clute (2021)

Daniel Clute

FDM major + CSI minor

Career Goals

Working towards directing video games.


Games Created


The Third Punic War (Group Project) – The Third Punic War


Noir Man (Group Project) – Noir Man


KIWI (Made just for fun) – KIWI


Essential Elements (Group Game Jam Game) – Essential Elements


Sna-Man (Old Game Jam Game) – Sna-Man

Portfolio Video:

Current Project:


Sky High – Video

Favorite Games

Animal Crossing – GC

Dark Souls III – PS4

Mario Party 7 – GC

Super Mario Odyssey – Switch

Classes Taken

  1. CSI 1337