History, political science and government geeks! You will be excited to learn that C-SPAN has recently completed their online archive, which you can find here.

You will be able to search through 23 years, 5 presidential administrations (which equals 160,000 hours of video) in one place. What a great primary source research tool!

With the C-SPAN Video Library, you will be able to

  • View the most watched, most recently watched and most shared videos from the homepage
  • Search via an advanced interface, including by date, tag, format, program title or summary, a person’s name or title, location or organization
  • Focus your search results by date, topic or category
  • Read a transcript of the video
  • Get info about specific people who appear in the videos
  • As well as get info about what’s appearing on C-SPAN right now

The Video Library also contains the Congressional Chronicle which

is an index to the C-SPAN video recordings of the House and Senate floor proceedings. The video recordings are matched with the text of the Congressional Record as soon as the Record is available. It only includes members who appeared on the floor to deliver or insert their remarks. The text included here is what the member submitted. Each appearance has a video link where users can watch and listen to the actual remarks.

C-SPAN Video Library Online