Discovering Archives

Recently a family discovered not one, but seven rare baseball trading cards of Ty Cobb in their grandfather’s attic. The cards are more than a century old and may be worth a million dollars. Wow, if all discoveries were this financially rewarding. Not as financially rewarding, but still generating amazement were the discoveries of Dr. Beth Barr’s HIS 1307 students as they examined the archives of the archaeologist Dame Kathleen Kenyon. Dame Kenyon was instrumental in excavations in the Holy Land and her work excavating the mound in Jericho resulted in a book which “largely rewrote the history of ancient...
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Awaiting Discovery

British Documents on Foreign Affairs series

Queen Victoria’s empire was famed as an empire on which the sun never set.  Looking at a map of the British Empire from 1886 shows just how diverse and widespread British rule and interests were.  From about 1850 on the British Foreign Office printed important diplomatic documents to be read by the Monarch and to be shared with British diplomats.  These documents represent the treaties, government proclamations, memos and reports from embassy or foreign office personnel back to the Foreign Office (FO).  Selections from this “Confidential Print” series have been collected in book form in: The British Documents on...
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