Ukraine Photos

I spent two weeks in the summer of 2011 working as a short-term missionary in Kiev, Ukraine in an English Camp. It was wonderful and productive trip. It was organized through OMS (One Missionary Society) and partly funded through the local MFM (Men for Missions) organization at Walter’s church, First United Methodist. The local missionaries in Ukraine were Randy and Shelly Marshall. They are a sweet and gifted couple with 3 boys. Ukraine is a wonderful country, with hard working and very well educated people. It is very open to the Christian gospel. I stayed in a dorm with 2 college students. The teachers taught conversational English, which was probably the main reason the students were there, but engaging the students on Christian topics and evangelizing was the main reason the teachers were there. The students responded very positively. I got to know and love them as well as their country. I look forward to going back some day and enjoying hospitality of the people of Ukraine once again. Use this link to see some photos of the trip.

Added on 3/14/2022: PLEASE PRAY FOR UKRAINE!!! The Ukrainian people are very much like the Americans fighting for their liberty and freedom in the Revolutionary War against England. They have had a taste of freedom and they will never give in to tyranny!