The Physics Department at Baylor University supports an ongoing program in elementary particle physics, both theoretically and experimentally. I am one of seven faculty in this area, the others being Andrew Brinkerhoff, Gerald Cleaver, Jay Dittmann, Kenichi Hatakeyama, Anzhong Wang, and B. F. L. Ward.

My research in quark and gluon dynamics lies at the intersection of computer science technology and particle phenomenology. The numerical technique is called lattice QCD (QCD=Quantum Chromodynamics). Some of the topics under investigation are: the various form factors of the neutron and proton, an investigation of particle polarizabilities on the lattice, and disconnected quark amplitudes. See Google Scholar for my faculty profile.

See the various links to the left of the screen to explore the teaching or research aspects of my work. The link “Papers” will take you to a SLAC listing of my research papers written while I have been at Baylor. The “Research” link will give more information on the types of research I am involved in. Also see the links “Open Text” and “Habitat for Humanity” for other projects which are of teaching and community interest. I have also posted some of the photos I took on the recent Baylor higher education workshop trip to Kurdistan, Iraq, as well as photos I have taken as a short-term missionary in Korea and Ukraine.

If you are interested in applying for graduate admission to the Baylor Physics Department, please follow this link to graduate admissions.