Open Text

OPEN TEXT is an ongoing project to develop complete texts for disadvantaged physics students throughout the world. The concept is similar to “open software” for computer programs, except the material is copyrighted to ensure appropriate use. There are four texts presently being developed: graduate electrodynamics, undergraduate classical mechanics, undergraduate quantum mechanics, and a very partial undergraduate electrodynamics text. An additional Particle Physics text by Dr. Gerald Cleaver and collaborators will also be available soon. These may be downloaded in various formats.

The undergraduate quantum mechanics text, “Quantum Principles and Particles“, has now been published by Taylor and Francis (CRC Press).


K11590_FlyerIn addition, the E&M graduate text, Macroscopic Electrodynamics, co-authored with Dr. Chris Thron of Texas A&M-Central Texas, has been published in LaTeX format by World Scientific in 2016. Please note that the older versions posted on OPEN TEXT will always be available and will not be removed from the server. However, they will remain static.