Before I came to Baylor University, I was enrolled as a student at the University of Texas at Austin while pursuing my degree in sports journalism. I stayed one year at the University before deciding that I did not see a future for me within the Univeristy or my department I was pursuing to major in.

The next year I was enrolled at Baylor University as a transfer student and decided to pursue a major in the business school which I thought to be much more fitting for my particular skills and interests. Here at Baylor I found it easier to communicate with teachers and classmates in the smaller classroom environment and I also enjoyed going my classes more than at UT because I was studying something that I am truly interested in.

I now am able to major in what I am truly passionate about and once I am hopefully admitted into the S3 program here at Baylor I’ll be able to gain even more knowledge needed in order to pursue my career. In order for me to get in this program I must have over 30 hours of credits with the course requirements completed as well as have above a 3.0 GPA. My goal is to be there by next year.

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