In order to maintain your other social connections, you must always remain close and keep in touch with your immediate family. I’m extremely thankful to have two awesome brothers who support me and will always be there for me no matter the circumstance. People tend to forget how important family is when it comes to pursuing a great life. Family is the most important social aspect you must remain intact with and I know I will always stay close and love my family more than anything.


Best Friends

Another important field to address is the close friends you have by you to support you throughout your career. I’m extremely thankful for the friends I’ve made here at Baylor and through my fraternity and I know that they support my passion and what I want to do with my career. It’s never good to be alone in something you’re pursuing and that’s why it’s always important to stay socially connected and always keeping in touch with your close friends. I know I will always stay in contact with a numerous amount of my friends and I’m hoping I can lean on them to help me in certain situations when I need their advice or professional counsel.

Phi Delta Theta

One other important field that goes with sports is the business and networking that are associated with it. One of the main reasons I joined a fraternity was to gain a significant advantage in networking when I do end up graduating and going out in the real world. A great number of members in my fraternity are in the S3 program here (which I’m pursuing to get into) and are very excited that I share this similar passion with them. The social connections I’ve gained through my fraternity are essential in helping me advance my future towards success.

Professional Experiences

My father was always excited to bring me to professional sports games because he knew I would never say no, no matter what game or team it was. I have met numerous athletes including Roger Clemens, Nolan Ryan, David Robinson, and Colt McCoy. Meeting these athletes is by far the highlight of my life as well as the numerous games I’ve been able to experience such as the Spurs finals game in 2003. I hope to use these experiences I’ve had with professional sports to help further my knowledge, connections, and interest in the world of sports


Since I was a kid I’ve always cherished the numerous competitions I’ve been in, but most of all I cherish the success I’ve gained when facing these challenges. My senior year in high school I was able to play in the state golf tournament with our golf team and we placed 3rd. I’ve also been apart of other great accomplishments through my playing of sports, which have been the main contributors to me wanting to educate myself further in the philosophy and the process of analyzing the process of players skills and attributes that have made them so successful in their careers as players. Whether it was hitting a game winning shot in a basketball game, or just experiencing the thrill of competition for high rewards, the experiences I have had while playing sports are what inspire me to compete my way to the top of the sports career world.

Sports Education

Never did I think that a category as fun as sports could actually go with my education. Nowadays sports careers are becoming more and more popular and I’m hoping I can further my love for sports by pursuing a career in it. My dad always told me to never settle for the career that will fit best, but to pursue your passion and to never give up. I’m hoping I can get the proper education here at Baylor so I can further gain experience in this field and hopefully become successful while working in a field I’m passionate about.