Session 3


The third session can go in a variety of directions. Sometimes you may have narrowed your list of careers and majors down to one specific thing. Other times, you may still be looking at all five different options seriously. Either of these extremes or anything in between is great!

When you visit us for the third time, we will start out by looking at your narrowed down careers list. Your career counselor will give you a worksheet to help you structure this list and include things like the career title, education needed, and why you think this career fits with you. Do you remember the things you and your career counselor discussed during the first session (interests, values, career influences, strengths, etc.)? Well, during the research time between your second and third appointments is the perfect time to bring those ideas back out, because they will help you with the narrowing down process. Also, the websites the career counselor shows you at the end of the second appointment will give you lots of detailed information to help you gain a deeper understanding of what all is involved in that career field or major.

Hopefully, after finishing your research, you will have a more focused idea of where you are headed and you and your career counselor will develop a Plan of Action with different resources and referrals (people and places) to help get you closer to making your dreams realities! The plan of action may hold websites, department contacts, professors, and professionals in the field. Really, the sky is the limit.

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