Meet the Majors Podcast Series

Have you ever raised the question, “What can I do with that major?”  Maybe your interest was piqued by a major, but you worried that switching majors would push back your expected graduation date.  For others, the thought of a new major was derailed by someone making negative remarks about it.

The Meet the Majors Podcast Series allows students to hear vital, accurate major information straight from the mouths of faculty members at Baylor.  They address questions like those listed above, and they showcase the unique opportunities students have in their programs.

You can click here to view our archives of previous podcasts.  We are at 29 interviews and counting!  Enjoy our latest installment on the Geology major with Dr. Joe Yelderman.  There is also a link on the web page so you can subscribe to have all new interviews sent directly to you.  If you have ideas for majors you would like to see highlighted in our series, please leave a comment below.  Happy listening!

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